The 9 Senses That You Didn’t Realize You Have

In school, we all learned that there are five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Aristotle may have been right about those being five of our senses, but as I’ve gotten older, wiser, and experienced more, it has become very apparent to me that there are more than five! Here are nine additional senses you definitely didn’t learn about in school:

Sense of balance.
Why are we able to walk straight or stand on one leg? Thanks to our inner ears, our balance keeps us upright.

Sense of direction.
Sure, there are some people who have this sense more than others, but once we get our bearings, our sense of direction helps us make our way around an area.

Emotional senses.
Generally, when somebody describes another person as “sensitive,” they mean emotionally sensitive. Our emotional responses are senses, too!

Sense of right and wrong.
That trusty little feeling in our gut is a handy indicator of whether or not we should be doing whatever it is we’re doing. Our sense of morality helps us live better lives.

Sense of pain.
Our bodies send an indication of pain to our organs to say “Stop! Whatever you’re doing, stop!” That’s why we know not to touch a hot stove or to poke ourselves with a knife. Pain is an indicator of danger.

Sense of temperature.
It is currently 114° where I live, so, thanks to my temperature receptors, I am about as comfortable as a wet cat.

This fancy word is for the ability to sense where your specific body parts are. So, if you can close your eyes and touch your nose, then congratulations! You have functioning proprioception!

Here’s one that I don’t have to explain. But, when this one shows up, get that delicious meal – you deserve it!

Sexual stimulation.
I assume that I don’t have to go into further detail on this one. It’s probably a lot of people’s favorite sense, so go and enjoy!

We have a lot to thank our bodies for. Senses are a kind of miraculous phenomenon, and have much to do with our natural intuition and instinct. The way all of the senses work together like the cogs of a clock is pretty extraordinary. So, let’s honor those senses that keep us safe, happy, and comfortable!

Featured Image via Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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