15 High Waisted Styles That Will Look Amazing On Any Body Type

Shopping for styles that flatter your body type can be hard, but shopping for them as your body changes gets even more challenging. My girlfriends with varying body shapes and I recently complained about this since we are all going through physical transformations as we enter our mid-20s. I was somewhat baffled about their complaints because they all look fantastic. Their response? High waisted bottoms. Then it all clicked. High waisted bottoms look good on everyone.

For instance, when I was a “rectangle,” I wore high waisted bottoms because it created the illusion of a waistline, thus letting me be the hourglass I always wanted to be. Now that I’m a “pear” (due to a new butt and the “food baby” age has given me), this style of bottoms still provides that illusion, boosting my confidence in the way I look. With this knowledge, I am passing it onto you for the times you’re doubting which bottoms to rock. Keep reading to find your perfect match!


Don’t let the heat waves stop your style this season. Let your legs breathe at every party you go to.

$40 high rise belted short from dynamiteclothing.com
High rise belted short, $40, dynamiteclothing.com
$265 Cady high waisted short from aliceandolivia.com
Cady high waisted short, $265, aliceandolivia.com
$207 A.L.C. Deliah belted shorts from saksfifthavenue.com
A.L.C. Deliah belted shorts, $207, saksfifthavenue.com


Don’t be surprised when people mistake you for a model in these babies. They’re the key to looking chic and will definitely impress the girls at brunch — plus your boss at work.

$60 Topshop horn button wide leg trousers from nordstrom.com
Topshop Horn button wide leg trousers, $60, nordstrom.com
$41 tall pink paperbag waist cigarette pants from missguidedus.com
Tall pink paperbag waist cigarette pants, $41, missguidedus.com
$68 J.O.A. printed wide leg pant from revolve.com
J.O.A. Printed wide leg pant, $68, revolve.com


Achieve a retro look by pairing a cropped top with high waisted denim. If you’re feeling more modest, just tuck in a dress shirt and you’re good to go!

$88 high waisted ripped denim perfect stretch and ankle leggings from express.com
High waisted ripped denim perfect stretch + ankle leggings, $88, express.com
$60 you're absolutely stripe high-waisted jeans from nastygal.com
You’re absolutely stripe high-waisted jeans, $60, nastygal.com
$169 good waist crop front zip from goodamerican.com
Good waist crop front zip, $169, goodamerican.com


You won’t have to worry about taking those gym selfies anymore. High waisted leggings won’t slip down while you do your squats!

$118 high-waist laced legging from aloyoga.com
High-waist laced legging, $118, aloyoga.com
$47 high waist campus legging from victoriassecret.com
High waist campus legging, $47, victoriassecret.com
$198 Ultracor ultra gradient leggings from shopbop.com
Ultracor Ultra gradient leggings, $198, shopbop.com


Finding skirts in this style can be difficult but it can be done (because I did it for you). Whether you’re meeting some friends for dinner or having a date night, you’ll sure feel sexy in one of these.

$30 Asymmetric skirt from hm.com
Asymmetric skirt, $30, hm.com
$148 betty skirt from thereformation.com
Betty skirt, $148, thereformation.com
$1295 balmain button-detailed woven mini skirt from net-a-porter.com
Balmain Button-detailed woven mini skirt, $1295,

As you can see, high waisted bottoms fit almost every occasion. Better yet, they fit everybody. No shape is wrong, but high waisted bottoms make every shape feel more right. Body changes got nothing on you now! Next time you hit the mall, give this style a chance. You might just win big.

Featured image via Chelse Daniel on Unsplash


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