6 Delightful Ways To Enjoy ‘National Vanilla Ice Cream Day’

The world we live in has developed to the point where over 1,000 flavors of ice cream exist today! Though I love to indulge in a scoop of green tea ice cream from my favorite Japanese restaurant or occasionally enjoy strawberry banana when I’m feeling fruity, “Plain Jane” vanilla will never fade from favor. Today, on National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, we should all take a moment to honor the ways that this flavor can and should always be enjoyed.


To Accompany Cake, Pie, Or Cobbler

Whether it’s a birthday party or just another Sunday dinner at grandma’s house, we need a dollop of that heavenly frozen treat to accompany those baked goods being served. My favorite pairings with vanilla ice cream are chocolate cake or warm apple pie. Also, my husband won my heart with his special recipe cherry cobbler and a tub of vanilla.


To Add Toppings

Whether it’s soft serve or scoops thrown down at Cold Stone, the only logical choice to enhance effectively is good ole tried and true vanilla. Any topping imaginable blends with it, unlike flavors such as strawberry or pistachio. My go-to additions to ice cream are Oreos or Reese’s cups, but you can literally go wild and anything goes with vanilla. Fresh fruits also make great toppings with a scoop or two.


To Have Dipped Cones or Sundaes

Dipped cones from Dairy Queen were always a favorite part of my childhood summers. Hot fudge or strawberry sundaes also please my taste buds. These delectable delights would not work with any other flavor… just don’t even try it.


To Make Ice Cream Sandwiches & Other Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, or dreamsicles? None of these would be possible without our beloved simple ice cream. You may want to argue this one, but vanilla is best, the end.


To Serve As A Base For Treats Through A Straw

My obsession with milkshakes fringes on unhealthy, but I accept the fate of my waistline. Almost any milkshake, creamslush, float, or malt is made with some scoops of vanilla as a base. Then they add syrups, fruits, or sodas before blending it all together before being ready for you to suck through a straw or sip in a glass.


To Simply Enjoy It In A Cone

Sometimes I find my taste buds simply craving a vanilla cone in the heat of summer. Most fast food joints serve these up for just $1, making your wallet and taste buds happy at the same time. It’s a win-win in the dog days of summer or anytime you need.


We won’t ever replace vanilla in our hearts or in our mouths. It will always remain our first love, our special flavor. Without vanilla ice cream, we wouldn’t have many of the sensational, tangy delights that fill the freezer aisle at our local grocery store. Eat up today, my friends: the calories don’t count on National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.

Feature Image by Fancycrave on Unsplash


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