10 Baseball Hotties That’ll Make You Obsess Over MLB Season

Baseball has been my favorite sport since my grandfather introduced me to it as a little girl. I loved it from the start. One of the things I love most about baseball is the hot ass baseball players. Therefore, I have created a list of the hottest baseball players playing in the Major League Baseball right now. Cause, ya know, who doesn’t love a sexy man in baseball pants?

Andrew Cashner

Andrew, a pitcher for  Baltimore Orioles, is so good looking that he’s striking me out. I love everything about him, but the thing that makes me go crazy are his sky blue eyes. They remind me of the moonlit sky. Other notable features are his long beard and dirty blonde hair.

Brett Graves

Brett pitches for the Miami Marlins. Where do I begin with him? His sweet blue eyes bring me to heaven and back again; plus the way he smiles makes my heart melt. Also, his pointy ears are so adorable.

Craig Kimbrel

Craig is the pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. The first thing that attracts me to Craig is that he’s from Alabama, meaning he is a Southern gentleman. He also has a long ginger-colored beard.

David Hernandez

As a pitcher for Cincinnati Reds, David is one hot ass pitcher. What I love about David the most is the way he sweats when he on the mound and his skinny looking body.

Austin Meadows

As center fielder for the Philadelphia Pirates, Austin not only has the sexiest swing when he’s at bat, but he also has the most gorgeous smile. When he’s in uniform, his beautiful eyes just blow me away. Hopefully he reads this… I want his number!

Daniel Robertson


Daniel plays shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays. It really makes me want to go to a Tampa Bay Rays game just to watch him play, simply because of how amazing his body looks. He looks so manly, and the mole on his cheek is to die for.

Joe Panik  

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Joe’s the second baseman for the San Francisco Giants. e’s a hottie, that’s for sure! From the moment you see him, you will be in awe of his brown hair and the way his muscles look.

Erik Gonzalez


As second baseman for the Cleveland Indians, Erik is a “Rico Suave” for sure. His smile is to die for, plus his brown eyes just remind of chocolate melting.

Justin Logan Morrison

Nicknamed “LoMo,” Justin is a first baseman for the Minnesota Twins. What I find attractive about LLoMo is that bad boy look he’s got going on and his muscular body is right up my alley. My gosh, I could just fall into his arms.

Aaron Judge

Aaron is right fielder for the New York Yankees. I would have to say what I like about him is his butt. Seeing him out of the field makes me go crazy.
There’s some tough competition this year in the MLB, and I’m not talking about batting averages. It’s a tough call on which one of these guys would go home with the (hottest guy) trophy . Who do you think is the hottest player on my list? Comment below!

Featured image via Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA / CC BY-SA


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