How To Impress Job Recruiters With Your LinkedIn Profile

Imagine you are ready to find a new job. After a few weeks, you notice recruiters reviewing your LinkedIn, but an invitation for an interview is not received. Why is this happening?

I remember the time I signed up for LinkedIn. I thought that job opportunities and networking would be a simple task. In the workplace, people would tell me stories about meeting recruiters on LinkedIn and how it helped advance their career. But it wasn’t that easy at first. Now, after one year of actively using LinkedIn, there are times I have to turn down job offers from people who find me.

The truth is recruiters, value LinkedIn profiles over a resume sent by a candidate. It helps a hire manager find top talent. In my experience, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find a more satisfying career path because of we can network with people that work for the top organizations.

You might have experienced disappointments in finding a dream job in the past, but a more appealing LinkedIn profile is a simple way to improve your online resume and get the dream job you want. Here are six tips to help you improve your LinkedIn profile.

If The Profile Lacks a Story

Write your LinkedIn profile in a way that a human resources specialist will have a good idea about how your mind operates. An introduction that states you are searching for a good career opportunity lacks personality. An ideal introduction includes four sentences of when you started in the industry and your career achievements. It shows the confidence of a professional that has a plan to succeed.

A Photocopy of a Resume

Re-writing your entire work history on LinkedIn can be time-consuming. However, it is good to add your achievements and career highlights. For example, add projects, committee experience and result driven sentences that show how your hard work helped a company grow, succeed, or become better. It can include percentages of revenue, winning employee of the month or organizing an off-site corporate event.

An Incomplete LinkedIn Profile

The moment a recruiter see’s an incomplete profile; they think you put minimal effort into your online presence. Think of LinkedIn as your online portfolio or resume a hiring manager needs to view to hire you.

To make your profile complete, include certifications or awarded scholarships. A LinkedIn profile is meant for job seekers to expand on all aspects of their hobbies, career, volunteer experience and creativity. Also include your education, a solid introduction, and all your relevant work experience.

The definition of a professional LinkedIn photo can vary based on your industry. For example, if you work in environmental, a clear head shot or photo outside in the field in a work uniform is acceptable. A person who works in public speaking might upload a photo of themselves on stage at an event.

The most common mistake people make is adding a photo that is low resolution or appears to be casual for their level of work. A headshot taken by a photographer is preferred. But, you can also have a friend take it. Remember to wear a suit or nice blouse.

Social Engagement is Essential

Social media engagement is essential for people in a leadership role. A leader who uploads blog posts about changes in the industry and can engage with their connections is a team player in the eyes of a recruiter. If writing is not your forte, add news stories and include comments to gain the interest of people to join the online conversation. If you post at least three times a week, it can leave a trail of content that will help the hiring manager learn more about you online.

Use A Background Photo That Reflects You

A background photo is an expression of your personality that can resonate with profile visitors. If you are a creative, award-winning design is a good option. If you work in a laboratory, a photo with colleagues wearing a laboratory uniform can project that you love what you do. The goal with a background photo is to use creativity to reflect something that you are passionate about that relates to your business or work environment.

Action Verbs to Build Your Reputation

Action words used on a resume can also be used in a LinkedIn profile. The purpose of using action words is to project confidence, team building skills, effective communication and the ability to work successfully under pressure. A few examples of action words are:

  • Delegated
  • Achieved
  • Organized
  • Surpassed
  • Reinvented
  • Revolutionized

It is a good idea, to be honest instead of modest when describing core strengths because it will set you apart from competitive LinkedIn users during your job search.

Your LinkedIn profile can be at its best with a profile photo that shows personality, a background image that relates to your industry and career descriptions that sound different from a resume. After the profile is complete, start conversations with colleagues and old managers you once worked with, and it will help with rankings for recruiters to find you. Most importantly, be creative and have fun.

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