If He Does These 5 Things, He’s The One You Shouldn’t Let Go

After years of talking, dates, random kisses and knowing a lot of Mr. Wrongs, there comes a time in your life when you feel exhausted about all that half-assed crap, and you start realizing your worth—not only as human, but as someone who deserves love and respect.

Maybe it’s because now you are growing up and realizing that a relationship is not just having someone to take cute photos with and an official cuddling partner; you are realizing that a relationship is more about having someone who makes you a better person and inspires you to become the best version of yourself.

They say that when someone is right for you, you just know it; however, there are certain attitudes and actions that make you appreciate the fact that you have a good man by your side and that he is worth hanging on to, like these ones:

1. He respects you.

He respects YOU as a person, but he also respects your limits, your family, your friends, your dreams and your crazy obsessions for musicals and soap operas. He also respects his family, his mom and the other important people in his life.

2. He remembers details of you and your life.

This means that he cares about you, and it goes beyond the physical. This means that he not only remembers the details of your body: the little birthmarks on your chest or the tiny heart-shaped mark on your shoulder, but also your favorite song, the way you add extra avocado to your tacos, how you like your Starbucks order, how you journal every single quote that touches your heart, and how you prefer using pink lipstick instead of red. It means that he appreciates every single fact of your life and the woman that you are.

3. He encourages you and inspires you to be a better person.

It’s something about the way he acts and reacts to different situations in life that makes you feel excited about sharing your journey with him. He challenges you to become a better person. You start thinking about your actions and going out of your comfort zone, not to be like him or to be at his level, but because you have someone who believes in you, in the person that you are and the one you will be.

4. He makes you laugh.

How boring would it be to share your days with someone who doesn’t like to be goofy and fun around you? If he makes you laugh, he is someone worth having on your life. Life is much better when both of you have the same crappy sense of humor and can’t stop laughing about silly videos or memes. It’s awesome when both of you giggle about the dirty jokes you make or are comfortable enough around each other that you laugh about yourselves and your #epicfails.

5. He believes in you.

If he is someone who believes in you, who believes that you will become a writer as you’ve always wanted, or believes that you will be able to make that trip you’ve been talking about for months, or believes in your dreams even if they sound crazy, you have a keeper! We live in a world that often rejects dreamers; finding someone who believes in you and supports yours is like finding a diamond, a rare and unique one.

Originally published in Thought Catalog.

Featured image via Pexels


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