How BTS Is Proving Music Is Universal

Music is a global language and brings people around the globe together. BTS – Beyond the Scene, is a South Korean boyband composed of seven members, it has proven that music is universal and has already broken many records along the way. They recently won Billboard’s top social artists becoming the first K-pop act to win the award. BTS’ music has brought people of different cultures together with their attention to global social issues, storytelling music video, and a positive message to fans.

BTS’ recent album “Love Yourself: Her,” which is primary in Korean but with a fusion of English lyrics, was the top-selling album on iTunes’ Top-Selling Album in over 70 countries and three continents. BTS’ music contains lyrics that many can relate to, from songs dealing with falling in love to heartbroken. However, they also tackle issues like depression, death, or going against social norms. Their lyrics are written by themselves and are inspired by their own personal experiences.

BTS music videos also tell stories that anyone from any language can understand the what is going on. Their music videos paint bigger pictures of experiences or issues that many can relate to than just to their lyrics. For example, their music video “I need you” is about tackling issues like suicide, depression, addiction, and heartbreak. Their first single music video from their recent album “DNA” received 50 million views on Youtube in just less than one week of being released.

BTS’s overall message is a positive global message to their massive fanbase, ARMY, and any individual who listens to their music. Their message is to love themselves, “Love myself, love yourself.” BTS wants fans to “Find love in myself, embrace people and society in a larger sense with love.” They have also partnered up with UNICEF to continue this message and fight violence against children all around the world.

Music can break boundaries and BTS’ has broken boundaries worldwide with their lyrics, music videos, and overall message. They have gained awards all over the world, but best of all they have gained fans in every corner of the world.

Featured image via “BTS” by bts.monstax_fan / CC BY-NC



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