3 Ways Owning A Notebook Can Change Your Life

Coming up on the 19th is a National Day to truly rejoice – National Notebook day! Even if you don’t write a lot, there’s still something intoxicating and magical about picking up a brand new notebook. Let’s face it, the only good thing about the end of the school holidays was shopping for stationary. While highlighters have their multi-coloured merits, notebooks are the real winners.

They might seem like simple possessions cheaply bought and discarded once full, much like anything else we buy. But anyone who puts any stock in writing at all will know that notebooks are much more than just things.

They Are Tangible Memories
Anyone with a journal knows how true this is. Notebooks can hold every moment we feel is important enough to remember. The big stuff will always stay with us – who on earth is going to forget their trip to Harry Potter World? But our lives are only ever peppered with big moments.

What give our lives that fulfilling bulk are the thousands of small moments. The laughs, and the little victories. Things that don’t feel forgettable at the time but eventually make way for other similar gems. Logging them in spiral-bound tomes give us the opportunity to relive the little things: the building blocks of our lives so far.

Notebooks Help Us Construct Our Dreams
What can we possibly hope to achieve without a plan? The hard work ahead of us to reach our ultimate aims is done best when broken down into manageable goals. Cue the notebook that never leaves your side. Our dreams of becoming popular writers, respected artists or an Etsy bestseller are that much closer for having a notebook at hand.
In the pursuit of greatness, notebooks are our most supportive, least judgemental allies. Loyally holding our ideas while we grow them, and being there in the middle of the night when we wake up with another crazy idea to scribble down. Without a doubt, notebooks are our stepping stones to success.

Notebooks are the Best Fashion Accessories
We are decades past college-ruled exercise books dominating the shelves, back when notebooks weren’t allowed to be fun. Now, entire shops dedicate themselves to the colourful, the organisational and the leather-bound. (Giggle if you must). Look in the right places online and you can customize them with whatever fantasies you can dream up.
Whether they are full of memories, shopping lists or nothing at all, our notebooks sit pretty on our shelves, and make our homes that much more beautiful.

This National Notebook Day, do your dreams and your treasured memories justice: trawl the internet and buy yourself the notebook you’ve always wanted. Purge the nearest stationary shop of all its wonders if you must. One way or another, grab yourself a notebook that speaks to you and commit to giving it a purpose that will make your life even better. Don’t waste another second. You have pasts to record, futures to organise and greatness to achieve.

Featured image by rawpixel from Unsplash. 


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