The Beauty Behind Post Malone’s New Album ‘Beerbongs & Bentleys”

After breaking Spotify’s first-day streaming record, Post Malone’s latest album, beerbongs and bentleys has demonstrated obvious success. The highly anticipated album features talented artists like 21 Savage, Ty Dolla $ign, Swae Lee, G-Eazy, YG, and Nicki Minaj. On beerbongs and bentleys, Post Malone perfects the art of blending different moods and vibes to create the perfect collection of tracks. Whether it be to accompany us when we go on long summer drives, bop around with the homies, or decide to enjoy solitude, beerbongs and bentleys delivers. The blend of sounds produced on this album reinforces the lyrics that give our beloved “Posty” so much depth, as he exposes the various sides to himself as an artist; from paranoid Posty to pensive Posty, to partying Posty.

On Rich & Sad, Post Malone exclaims that he “would throw it all away” putting emphasis on the fact that money and fame means very little to him, and that his happiness precedes his materialized success. On Over Now, we hear emotional lyrics such as, “feels like a knife in my throat… I hope you wind up alone…I was an idiot…Don’t even want you anymore…” The dark lyrics resemble an angry recount of emotions and the final product turns into a track that we can only assume was informed by intense emotional pain and past experiences. Other notable tracks where Posty exposes his vulnerability are Paranoid, Otherside and Stay.

Stay is the track that probably pushes boundaries the furthest, in regards to the sound. The acoustic guitar, smooth vocals, and emotional lyrics expose Post Malone’s pure, raw talent, and demonstrate the diversity of his music.

While it is quite obvious that Post Malone has taken painful moments and emotional experiences from his life to turn them into beautiful, moving, and cathartic musical experiences, we also get to see his triumph and success on tracks like Better Now. In addition, he doesn’t fail to embrace his material and monetary success on recent hits such as rockstar and Psycho featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Some other similar tracks are Zack and Codeine, where Posty “turns the hotel lobby into a party,” Ball For Me, featuring some vocals from Nicki Minaj, and Same Bitches, featuring G-Eazy and YG.

Beerbongs and bentleys is so rooted in both the hip-hop and R&B sound, and consistently carries the moody and graceful acoustic sound that we saw with Post Malone’s debut album Stoney (2016). By using modern beats, acoustic sounds, contemporary voices, and allowing his emotions and success to inform his music, beerbongs & bentleys mimics life in a graceful and authentic way, giving it the signature moody Post Malone vibe that we are in love with.

In a world so abundant of experiences and emotions, beerbongs and bentleys is what you have been looking for: the perfect blend. When you are searching for a way to march to your own rhythm and feel the need to experiment and explore a variety of sounds in order to find your own, Post Malone delivers more than expected. Beerbongs and bentleys will make you feel like you have found the perfect pathway that will help you navigate your emotions, especially during moments when you feel lost; every track highlights the importance of searching for the pathway that makes you want to live life freely with intense, confusing, and inevitable emotions. Beerbongs and bentleys is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. When you listen, you will vibe with what is suspected to be one of the biggest albums of 2018.

Featured Image via We Heart It


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