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5 Never-Ending Thoughts You Have When You Hit Your Late 20’s

Your twenties are an exciting decade for most. It’s the time in our lives when we find ourselves. We start to figure out what we want out of life, hone in on our true passions, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, get our hearts broken, break a few hearts, make friends, lose friends, find our soulmate, and other massive turning points.

More often than not, when we hit our late twenties- somewhere around 27, we immediately realize how far we have come from those carefree days of being 21 and naive. Society would have us believe that it’s not until our thirties that we can finally hit our stride in life. However, the reality is, certain benefits come with being in your late 20’s. At the same time, there are certain universal thoughts that we all share when we hit our late-20’s. From freezing our eggs to where our life is headed, here are just a few of the most common thoughts we all have when we hit the ripe old age of being in our late-20’s.

“Get Me Some Kale And Green Juice Now”

Once we hit our stride in our late twenties, we finally have an appreciation for our bodies and health. After being junk-food fiends in our early-twenties and eating pizza and cupcakes after a night out on the town, our bodies start telling us that we need to treat it better if we want to feel better in our bodies. As a result, we start looking into eating better so that we feel more energized. Sometimes this comes in the form of reducing our alcohol intake or just getting in the kitchen and cooking for ourselves instead of relying upon a fast-food joint to keep us fed.

“My Friendships Have Changed”

One thing you always notice as you grow and mature is the nature and structure of your friendships. In fact, you will typically not see your friends as often as you did in your early twenties. You may have lived with your best friend when you were in your early twenties, but as you grow up, romantic relationships get in the way, the two of you grow apart in different ways. Whatever the situation is, your friendships will definitely change and evolve when you hit your late-20’s.

“Should I Freeze My Eggs?”

Sometimes, our parents are eager to become grandparents, while we are over here just trying to keep plants alive. It can be a huge struggle to cope with the fact that these days, it is prevalent now to get married later and therefore have kids later. However, with the slew of wedding and baby announcements that inundate our feeds, it seems like if we are single in our late-20’s we should consider freezing our precious eggs if we want to have biological children. While it can be expensive, some people choose to freeze their eggs in their late-20’s. However, the reality is, people, get pregnant later now. Ideally, seeking professional help from someone who is experienced about fertility is usually ideal, even if you don’t have a partner quite yet.

“I Really Need To Start Saving Money”

We have all heard it before- save as soon as you can. Fortunately, once you hit your late-20’s, you have a stable job, compared to your waitressing gig in your early twenties. While we still may splurge on purchases once in awhile, we start understanding the importance of saving, even if we may not start actually putting money aside until we hit 30!

“I Really Want To Spend More Time With My Family”

All of a sudden, when we hit our late-twenties, we are no longer ashamed of our super embarrassing families. Somehow, we reach a turning point where the annoying things that our parents did, just make us laugh. In fact, we try to get closer to relatives that maybe we haven’t seen in awhile. In our late twenties, we have the comfort and ability to travel to see distant relatives that may not live nearby. Also, once we hit our late-20’s, we realize that not everyone in our family will be here forever. This thought can serve as an inspiration to give your distant grandparents a call once in awhile a lot more than you may have done in your early twenties.

At the end of the day, being in your late-twenties has its ups and downs. We are smarter than we were but still naive about certain things in life. A lot is going on and keeping ourselves focused on ourselves becomes a lot more of a priority.  If you happen to be fortunate enough to be in your late-twenties, enjoy it! Because as I’ve been told many times, your thirties are so much better!

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