10 Reasons You Should Start Seeing A Sex Therapist

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Is your sex life on a gradual decline? Well, there are probably many reasons why your current sex life doesn’t satisfy you. The best way to resolve sexual issues, though, is going to sex therapy. Therefore, if you’re having problems in the bedroom, visiting a sex therapist can be immensely helpful. The goal of sex therapy is to eliminate the physical and emotional drawbacks to a pleasurable sex life. Furthermore, sexual dysfunction is one of the most common reasons to seek sex therapy. 

What is Sexual Dysfunction? 

Enjoying a fulfilling sex life is both natural and healthy because emotional and physical well-being is a crucial part of every human’s life. If sexual dysfunction occurs, achieving a satisfactory sex life becomes difficult. Common types of sexual dysfunction include: 

  • Low or excessive libido 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Unwanted sexual fantasies 
  • Abnormal response to sexual stimulation 
  • Premature ejaculation 
  • Inability to orgasm 
  • Distressing sexual thoughts 
  • Painful sex 

Moreover, sex therapy can help you to reframe your sexual difficulties, which results in greater sexual satisfaction. 

How Sex Therapy Works 

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy. It involves a talk session that combines both cognitive-behavioural interventions and counselling. It works best when there’s no psychological explanation for the bad sexual performance. 

Like any other psychotherapy sessions, sex therapy involves walking through individual experiences, feelings, and worries. Both the client and the therapist aim to find coping mechanisms that can improve individual responses during sex. 

During the initial sessions, the therapist may opt to talk to you privately or to speak with your partner. Moreover, note that everyone keeps their clothes on, and therapists don’t intend to have sexual relations with you or intend to show you how to have better sex. 

During the sessions, the sex therapist continues to push you towards a greater understanding, acceptance, and management of your sexual dysfunction. As a talk session, this therapy is both educational and supportive. 

 Therefore, some of the benefits of opting for sex therapy include: 

1. Identifying the treatment plan. 

Sexual issues can result from various bodily conditions. Furthermore, sex therapists can direct you to relevant medics for investigations and treatment procedures. 

2. Developing realistic sexual goals. 

Some people struggle to achieve unrealistic sexual goals, which can be the underlying reason behind their unsatisfactory sex life. Your therapist will try to explain how these issues affect your sexual life and introduce coping mechanisms, like using a wand vibrator to enhance your experience. 

3. Using cueing exercises. 

Cueing exercises help patients remember their past positive sexual emotions. Patients can then use their emotions as cues to improve their future sexual encounters. 

4. Identifying catalysts for sexual activity. 

Therapists typically speak with their clients about what leads into sexual activity. From the discussions, the therapists can help identify contextual catalysts to individual sexual experiences. 

5. Exploring sexual fantasies. 

Sexual fantasies are always important to address in sex therapy. Additionally, the therapist can help you explore them in a safe space. Depending on your fantasies, the therapist may recommend some erotica media to stimulate you. 

6. Using sensual focus exercises. 

Sensual focus involves a couple massaging each other without sexual contact to spark pleasure and a sense of safety. Also, this exercise leads to better communication and ultimately, better sex. 

7. Learning mindfulness. 

With mindfulness, the therapist teaches their clients to to be less defensive and to respond to sexual matters in a more effective way. This helps the couple to develop a genuine connection both physically, emotionally, and sexually. 

8. Addressing sexual boredom. 

Long-time couples can fall into sexual ruts. When a couple’s sexual desire is down, the therapist can help them identify ideas to spice up their sex life. 

9. Exploring alternative forms of sexual expression. 

Inappropriate sexual expression can cause an unsatisfactory sex life. More appropriate options may include sensual massage, sex toys, different sexual positions, or mutual masturbation. Furthermore, a therapist can advise you on which options might work best for you and your partner. 

10. Promoting greater intimacy. 

A sex therapist will explain the importance of the intimate moments every couple needs. They may share foreplay ideas as well as the best resting positions to enjoy after sex. 

Ultimately, sex therapy helps patients become better lovers. So if you’re experiencing difficulties in your sex life, try visiting a sex therapist. You won’t regret it! 

Featured Photo by Sabina Tone on Unsplash.


  1. It’s interesting to know that the most common sexual dysfunction conditions are low libido or erectile dysfunction. My husband has been struggling with low libido, and we are looking for advice to help him. I will let him know about the benefits of seeing a sex therapist that helps him.

  2. Nice post! A traumatic past can be a reason why someone would need to undergo sex therapy. It is what my friend is experiencing right now because she never knew that she would be harassed by her own boyfriend. She did not give the details anymore, but I am helping her find a therapist she could trust to help her heal emotionally.


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