4 European Destinations That Make The Perfect Getaway Vacation

If you need a long weekend to forget about the stresses of everyday life, a city break can be the perfect getaway to recentre yourself. However, not all cities are the same. Check out the best ways to travel these cities so that you can focus on yourself during these four relaxing European city vacations.


The former German capital will celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday this year. Furthermore, Bonn is at the heart of Germany’s wine country and home to the Haribo sweet company. Oh, and Drachenburg Castle will keep you busy, too. Since Cologne-Bonn airport is a growing passenger hub, you’ll likely find affordable flights for your trip. Once you land, hop on the SB60 bus to Bonn Central Station, then explore the city by foot. Or you can purchase a 24-hour mass transit pass so that you can use the bus, tram, and subway systems to your heart’s content.



With epic coastlines looking out to the Atlantic Ocean, Galway is always a top European travel destination. However, the city’s folksy vibes and welcoming spirit will appear in full swing this year because Galway serves as a European Capital of Culture alongside Rijeka, Croatia. You can easily access Galway from any of Ireland’s major airports with a fairly affordable bus fare and three hours of travel time. Once you arrive in Galway, the city is easy to navigate by foot.



No matter which tourist sites you want to explore, London’s diversity provides plenty of activities to occupy your time during your “city break.” Whether you enjoy theatre, shopping, or sightseeing, you’ll definitely love your time in the city. While exploring the city by car can prove difficult, you can easily park close to the M1 and take the train into downtown. In fact, the train from Baldock to London King’s Cross takes just 52 minutes and could save you loads of money and traffic.



Salzburg is Lonely Planet’s number one city to visit in 2020, and it’s honestly pretty easy to see why. The 100th anniversary of the Salzburg Festival makes now the perfect time to visit. Many airlines fly into Salzburg airport, which is just a few miles from the city center. Once you arrive, purchase a 48-hour Salzburg card. This special ticket gives you free access to all of Salzburg’s public transport, as well as free museum admission across the city.

If you need a quick escape from reality or just want an affordable destination to add to your tour of Europe, consider one of these four great cities for a perfect getaway this year. I promise that they won’t disappoint!

Feature Image by Sophie Keen on Unsplash


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