4 Things To Avoid If You Want To Set A Realistic Diet

With Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey, and Christmas cookies in the rear view, you may have set yourself a healthy diet goal for your New Year’s Resolution. That’s fine in and of itself! However, it can be tempting to yo-yo diet during this particular season — be honest, most of us are guilty of binge-eating a tray of warm, gooey brownies on a cold and dreary day and then spending the entire week punishing ourselves for it.

There’s no inherent problem with aiming to eat healthier and lose a little weight in the process, but it’s easy to take things too far. Try to avoid these common methods of unhealthy dieting.

Fad Diets

This new diet fad or that new diet fad is just that – a fad. The basics of eating well don’t change every few years and are well-supported by decades of research.

Some of the current diet fads include cleanses, anything that helps you detox, and keto diets. All of these can have a place in your diet, but they should be seen as supplemental to a diet based on real foods. Diets don’t tend to work in the long-term, so the only thing these fads really end up lightening is your wallet.

Skipping Meals

Sometimes when people want to lose weight, they start trying to skip meals altogether. This is both dangerous and can backfire on you. If you skip the same meal every day, your body will adjust. Instead of continuing to lose weight, you’ll plateau at best, and lower your metabolism at worst.

Pills and Drugs

These babies can be very dangerous. Diet pills are not regulated by the FDA, which leads to a lot of potential problems. They fall under the same jurisdiction as homeopathic remedies. They can come with all kinds of side effects, including everything from headaches to seizures. Laxatives fit in here as well; with overuse, they can lead to dependency and issues with bowel movements, fluid retention, and vitamin deficiencies.


Exercise is good for you. But just like everything else, taking it to an extreme is unhealthy. For starters, your body has a limit to how many calories it can burn in a day, and the harder you work out, the more likely you are to overeat. Give your body time to adjust to a workout routine and build from there.

Losing weight can be a good thing, but how you go about it is more important than actually losing it. Setting realistic goals is important. Doing things the right way may take longer, but the results will also last a lot longer. Yo-yoing isn’t sustainable — so no more yo-yo diets in 2018, please! And remember that you don’t have to punish yourself for enjoying some chocolate-chippy fun every so often.

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