Turn Your Passion Into A Paycheck With This New Amazing App

Attention all adventure seekers, all travel enthusiasts, and everyone else who is reading this because they’re bored: I have found the next big thing, the next social media site to blow up, the next chapter of your life, the app that will change the way everyone looks at life; are you ready? Take a seat, maybe grab some water, put that phone down and … READ! Read this article very carefully.

Here, within this article I will be announcing the upcoming travel app that will leave you dreaming about changing your life. This app is said to launch in the beginning of 2018… perfect time to create those new year resolutions.

Has traveling been on that new year’s resolution list? If so, you’re in luck.

Let me Introduce you to Lyfx.

Lyfx– pronounced life-x, is a soon to be an outdoor travel app that provides travelers and locals the chance to meet and explore the country together. The basis of this app is to connect local experts and travelers. To have the local provide a traveler with a great experience, one that will leave them speechless and wanting to come back.

If you’ve ever used Airbnb for your stopovers before, be prepared to use Lyfx for your 2018 plans, I sure know I am!

We all know how tour agencies can be and we all know that our money is too precious to just waste on something that truly isn’t much fun or up to our standards. With Lyfx, we have the power to pick everything we actually want for our trips, right from our smartphone.

Lyfx focuses on outdoor activity; hiking, biking, surfing, mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, rafting, horse riding, diving and much more. If you want to help some travellers stay safe and have fun, feel free to sign up with Lyfx and use your expertise to create an unforgettable authentic experience. You can also bring others along to your favorite places to earn yourself some extra money. It’s the perfect combination of fun and work! Plus, we all know everyone works better when they love what they do!

As someone who has adventure in her blood, has travel in her bones and has a huge obsession with doing new things, I love this idea of Lyfx! Founder of Lyfx: Pedro McCardell, first came to me in the beginning of September with the idea that is now Lyfx, he was looking for someone to help out with the blog, and well… how could I pass up on something this cool? Today, he is adding the final touches and creating the best app possible so that we can help transform the lives of everyone who wants to kickstart a new opportunity or adventure.

If you’re a traveller and love adventure, then this is going to be for you. I know for sure that Lyfx will be a huge part of my life. Not only will I be a contribution to the blog page but I will be participating in the app itself. Going on various adventures all around the world with the locals and experiencing different cultures, different views, and different activities with a group that makes travelling exciting and will contribute into make 2018 the beginning to a huge change in my life.

If this is something that you may want to kickstart for your own life, be my guest. Take a look around, and if you feel like this is something for you then hit the sign up button and follow the steps to be registered. Become apart of something exciting, something new, and something that’ll help you pay rent by doing what you love. Join Lyfx, and turn your favorite passion into your paycheck.

Life won’t wait, use Lyfx.

Featured image via Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


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