11 Struggles Only Business Majors Would Understand

The struggles of a business major are just as hard as any biochemistry or electrical engineering major. Nothing more awkward than sitting in the dining hall eating your lunch in a full suit or rushing from class to your internship in “business casual”. Here are 11 struggles on business majors would understand:

1. When people ask you why you chose to be a business major in the first place.

2. Networking events are as stressful as first dates.

3. You get way too excited to go to the career fair.

4. People say you chose “the easy major”.

5. Michael Scott is pretty much your idol.

6. LinkedIn is now more relevant than Facebook.

7. When you realize the stock app on your phone has a use.

8. Everyone talking about their really hard biology class while you cry silently about accounting.

9. Having to walk across campus in your business clothes while everyone else wears t-shirts and sweatpants.

10. Finding business clothes on a student budget.

11. Figuring out what business casual and business professional is.

Now business majors can we get an amen?

Originally published on University Primetime

Featured image via Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash


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