6 Ways To Keep Your Summer Glow During The Colder Months

Fall is my favourite season. The weather is nice, the trees are beautiful, and I love the fashion. The only thing missing is my summer glow I had a few months ago. I miss my sun-kissed skin. So how do we still achieve that look when the sun isn’t out to help us? Here are my favourite must-do’s during the colder seasons to give your skin a summer glow.

Self-tanner, obviously.

The only thing about buying self-tanner is you need to make sure it’s good. You’ll end up dropping more money, BUT, it lasts a while so, in the long run, it’s worth it. Also, remember to exfoliate before applying this lotion, so you don’t get streaks.

Experiment with a darker foundation

Using a slightly darker foundation, or even using a tinted sunscreen can help you achieve that glowing look you’re trying to get. It gives your skin a look of warmth, rather than looking orange. When I do this look, I won’t use a face powder. I only use liquid makeup to give me that sun-kissed dewy look.


Drink, drink, and drink some more water again. The cool weather can leave your skin looking red, and dry. Having a natural glow without using makeup starts with what you’re putting in your body. So, ditch the sugary drinks, and stay hydrated with water, and soup.


If you want to get your dewy summer like skin back, your BFF is going to be a moisturizer. This will keep your skin from drying while giving you a healthy little glow. Apply it before you put your makeup on, and put it on after you wash your face before you hop into bed. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed!

Pull out the humidifier

Take out the humidifier in your parent’s basement and put it in your bedroom. Turn it on while you sleep to fix your dry skin. It will also help you sleep better by putting water into the air. And, you know what they say, getting a good sleep helps restore your skin.

If all else fails, try bronzer

Either buy the powder or liquid stuff. They are both good. Put it on your cheekbones, and chest area to fake a summer look.

So, even though we are bringing out our winter clothes, or maybe, doing some early Christmas shopping. We can still keep a part of summer with us, by showing off our sun-kissed glow. It’s always important to take care of your skin, and it could be apart of your morning and night routine. How you take care of your skin now will show in a couple years… So, if you make it a priority, you may be able to postpone those wrinkles. Which is the secret to looking young, so if I were you, I’d take my advice and look after that beautiful skin of yours.  

Featured image via Garrett Mizunaka on Unsplash


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