This Woman Used A Dating App To Find Her Missing Cat

We use Tinder for many different things. To find a man, get a confidence boost, to find our best friends boyfriend cheating, and well… For a hookup every once in awhile. But one woman brought a whole new meaning to the dating app and looking for her match.

When Katie Alsop lost her beloved cat Peanut, she was at a loss for what to do to help find her best friend. So instead of taking the streets of Northampton, England and plastering them with “Lost” posters, she decided to download Tinder. And no, it wasn’t to find a searching buddy either.

She created a profile with a 6.5-mile (15 Kilometer) match radius and provided information on the cat and was searching for his whereabouts.

Within 30 minutes the 27 year old’s account had 400 matches with locals who promised to keep their eyes open for her cat. Keep in mind the cat was missing for a few days so she was doubtful it would work but thought it was worth a try.

A guy named Charlie saw her profile and swiped right. He then messaged her saying that Peanut was actually in his garden! So Katie rushed over to go grab her companion. Unfortunately by the time she got there Peanut was on the run again.

So, she left a trail of used cat litter, dirty laundry and canned tuna from that spot to her home for a few nights in hopes he would recognize it. A few short hours(but painfully long hours for Katie) she heard Peanut meowing at her front door at 2am! She opened it to see her little fella scared and skinny.

Now, we all are guilty of swiping right for a person’s animal photo’s or knows someone who seriously does it because it’s just that important to them. But who wouldn’t swipe right to that request? Everyone has a soft spot for animals! And how could you look away from a missing pet? That’s the definition of love!

She may not have found what most people look for on the app, but she definitely found her perfect match and the love of her life. Now that is a puuurrrrfect ending.

Featured image via Yerlin Matu on Unsplash


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