Why You Should Be Reading R.H. Sin Right Now

As I sit here on this peaceful afternoon with my Pumpkin Spice Latte and all things fall, I love spending my free time enjoying some of the simple pleasures in life. Call it basic, call it hipster, call it what you will, but I enjoy the little things in life and one of those things that I enjoy is reading poetry. I enjoy the basic statement that has more meaning behind it than words. The simplicity to a brief sentence that can have so much relevance to life, without even having to break a sweat to read it all. With that, I give you the poetry of R.H. Sin.

Moving On

I walked away

I moved on

not out of hatred for you

but for love of self

the more you respect yourself

the less likely you are

to hold on to someone

who fails to appreciate you

people deciding to not show up

is the reason

I decide to go missing…

Simple, yet so much meaning is behind it. If you aren’t familiar with R.H. Sin, you aren’t on Pinterest enough. His poetry is all over the boards and I find so much meaning in his words because it is as if he is sneaking into my soul and ripping out all the words I have been looking for. That might seem a little dramatic, but in less than a paragraph, he can say what I have been feeling for weeks and sound so much more elegant about it. He makes words seem simple and brings up the true meanings we have been trying to say ourselves.

I found R.H. Sin when I was at a low point in life. I was going through a pretty rocky time with a gentleman and trying to figure out what was best for me. Do I stay or do I go? Do I fight for something more with him or do I just walk away from all the time that I invested? Do I continue to put my heart on a silver dish and serve it up to him at his leisure or do I finally take a stand for myself and allow him to see I’m a force to be reckoned with? R.H. Sin convinced me to walk away and wait for someone who actually deserves my time. His words also helped me to pick up the pieces every time I questioned that decision and why I listened to poetry over an actual human.

R.H. Sin not only writes about heartbreak, but he also writes about encouragement and life. To find the beauty in the world and see the positive in all aspects. To find the good within yourself and fight for your own well being. To encourage women to believe in themselves and know that they don’t need a man by their side to survive.

“instead of teaching women how to keep a man

let’s encourage them to be the greatest things to and for themselves

a woman’s value is not validated by her ability to attract and or keep a man”

Ultimate Ginger Review: Read some R.H. Sin and fall in love with being basic. His words are not only inspiring, but they are comforting and will help you to find peace in whatever situation you might find yourself in. Whether you are going through a breakup or just find yourself a little lost, pick up his book “Whiskey, Words and a Shovel” and you will find yourself again. I’m telling you, it is worth the read! If poetry is hipster, then please, by all means, join me in my new found hipster love!

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