7 Awesome Podcasts To Kick Off The School Year

I love podcasts. I listen to them regularly, while cooking, commuting to school, cleaning my apartment, and even when I’m working out. They’re not just light noises. Podcasts can be a great way to learn about what’s going on in the world or indulge in some excellent story telling. With the upcoming school year, try taking one of the following during some down time; it’s a fabulous way to keep your brain active while switching gears between school, work, and home!

For the Feminist… Strong Opinions, Loosely Heald

The second season podcast from Refinery29 focus in on gender, feminism, and the conflicting factors women are faced with in modern America. Host Elisa Kreisinger tackles cultural phenomenons, such as Taylor Swift and her squad, the Kardashians, and fashion with a critical feminist eye.


For the Part-Time Anthropologist… Out in the Open
This Canadian podcast, hosted by Piya Chattopadhyay, aims to tackle the everyday issues that we just don’t like talking about. Chattopadhyay’s interview skills are on full display in this pod, she thoughtfully speaks with people on every side of issues such as sex, race, gender and health issues. Out in the Open is an uplifting deflation of the elephant in the room, giving space for both speakers and listeners to think about tough issues in a safe and accepting environment. It’s a welcoming take on many divisive issues, and a refreshing break in the hypersensitive Trump era.


For the True Crime Fan… Serial
Serial is well known in the true crime podcast world, and the recognition is well deserved. In each season, Serial takes on another story, spanning the cases of both Adnan Syed and Bowe Bergdahl so far. Each episode provides an in depth examination of one aspect of the case, building to the verdicts at the conclusion of the season. Sarah Koenig, the host, is both engaging and exhaustive in her research, helping to make Serial the best produced podcast in the true crime circuit.


For the News Junkie… Up First
The daily morning podcast from NPR politics covers not just Washington, but various issues facing the entire globe. NPR journalists Rachel Martin, Steve Inskeep and David Greene, take on each piece of news, remaining fair and balanced throughout their coverage. In short pods between 10-12 mins, Up First is the ideal way to start the morning, with all the facts and news that you need to go about the rest of the day.


For the Comedian… 2 Dope Queens
Comedians Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are not only hilarious, but they have also been filming their podcast live in Brooklyn, with a collection of other guest comedians. Their shows range across topics, from hair to finding true love. Williams and Robinson are not just coworkers, they’re also best friends. Tuning in feels just spending time with your own girl crew, they’ve just got a slightly bigger stage.


For the Washington Addict… The New Washington
The New York Times voice of politics, Michael Barbaro, takes on whole new territory in The New Washington. Barbaro, with the help of the rest of the news team at the New York Times, puts together a new profile each week of a different character involved in the Trump Administration’s White House. With a complete overhaul of the way government usually operates, Barbaro creates in depth and informative sketch of various players in government, including Senator Lamar Alexander and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The interviews do not just focus on the work of each individual, but also take into account some of the personalities and social ties each politician faces.


For the Activist… The Crooked Media Series

Crooked Media has flourished post-election. Their collection of podcasts covers various facets of the resistance to the current administration, all from different angles. “Pod Save America” is hosted by the legendary Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor are all former aides to Obama, but they now interview journalists and politicians on a lighthearted romp through current political news and activism. “Pod Save the People” is another standout in the Crooked Media series, hosted by Deray Mckesson, an activist, and an organizer with Black Lives Matter. With a team of activists, politicians, and academics to support him, Mckesson tackles tough issues facing Americans.


These are just some of the great pods out on the iTunes, Spotify and Google Play stores right now! There are so many other podcasts being published every day that there is truly something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to click around either, you next podcast is just around the corner!

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