4 Things Your Engagement Ring Reveals About Your Relationship

Engagement rings represent the start of something new: the hope and promise of love and time together. People share different stories about where they were and how it happened, and, of course, there is the sharing of the ring. 

The offering of an engagement ring is often one of the first pieces of long-term, quality jewelry for many people. It symbolizes how much you care for each other and the excitement of joining together into one permanent, devoted household. However, not all rings are alike, and the one resting on your finger is a telling sign of your relationship. What does your ring say about you as a couple? Here are several things to consider.

1. It Highlights Communication Habits

Marriages rely on solid communication and collaboration. If it’s a hit, you have someone who thinks like you (or at least pays attention). Do you listen to each other? Can your partner pick something right based on your conversations or habits? If it’s a miss, you may want to ask where your relationship needs to develop a bit more.

Therefore, shopping for engagement rings is perhaps the epitome of finding out if your loved one knows what you like. After all, many women spend years thinking about the type of stone they desire. Some couples even go to the store together. Here, you both get to discuss the future, prices, and select things you like.

2. It Shows Attention to Detail

Rings reflect your personality and attention to detail. Size does and doesn’t matter. The cut should fit who you are. Some people want a massive rock on that hand; others want a small one. Jewelers have various cuts, offering oval, marquise round and princess. These options create variety in look but also work for multiple lifestyles.

Your loved one should select something that pinpoints your look and fits your habits. The details should match you! For instance, if you’re spending more of your day in women scrub sets, you may not want a massive ring with a princess stone. A smaller ring may ease your worries, minimizing snags and bumps. After all, you want to wear it, not hide it most days. Then there are some who love to make a statement, dreaming of that big bling. Your fiance should know which details satisfy you. 

3. It Represents Authenticity

Sometimes people take shortcuts. If your partner cuts back on quality to make an impression, you’re getting an inside look at how your future may be. Is your ring real? Is that what you want in your marriage? Expect to battle it out overpaying for something good, often cutting corners and looking at cheaper knock-offs.

True gems show attention to quality and indicate that someone cares for you enough to splurge for something good. This same attitude may pervade your life together, revealing quality care.

Of course, if you’re questioning the ring size or type, keep in mind that your relationship may lack solid ground. You want to love your ring and feel good about it. If you’re headed out to the jewelers for a sneak evaluation, consider whether you have trust issues.

4. It Reveals Your Dedication

Your ring continues to show commitment as it’s the ultimate image of your devotion to one another. When it’s on your finger, you let others know how you are with someone, sharing your life and home. Sure, there will be moments when you leave it at home. Those times should be to minimize damage and loss. Hopefully, you’re not hiding it away for other reasons. If it’s missing long-term, then friends and family may question why, asking about the health of your relationship. 

Cherish your engagement ring. It’s a representation of your love and future. Therefore, your fiance should select something that makes you happy and shows your devotion and interests.

Featured image via Daria Kopylova on Unsplash


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