Wildcats Rejoice, HSM4 Has Officially Been Confirmed

Hot alert!!! High school musical 4 is coming. (Celebrate with me now!)

The HSM fever is running high after a fan made this very convincing HSM 4 movie trailer. While this trailer isn’t real, the return of the TV movie franchise is!


Back in March 2016, Disney announced via Twitter that they were launching a nationwide casting call. Yup, this means that the original cast is breaking free and won’t be involved as the core cast. The movie will return to East High, but will feature a new set of characters to fall in love with.

Disappointing, I know. But I’m sure the original cast will return for cameos in one form or another. Do you really think Sharpay Evans is going to watch a new High School Musical movie come out and not be in it? Please. It’s like saying Kelsey isn’t a musical genious.

There were so many questions from the last movie that we needed answers. Did Troy and Gabriella get married? Is Ryan on broadway too like Sharpay? Whatever happened to Zeke, does he own a bakery now? Producers, get your heads in the game and give us some answers please, this is not amateur hour! Diehard fans of the original movies are dying to know!

News around the new project still remains scarce. Reports online state that the film is still in the early production stages and no release date has been set. The movie, I’m sure will be the start of something new, a new era of fans, songs and J-14 magazine covers full of new crushes and fan favourites.

In any case, we’re all in this together, so wildcats everywhere: you better raise your hands up in the air because HSM 4 is coming to a TV near you.

Featured image via “@ NCTA: HIgh School Musical Cast” by sdkCC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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