Thanks But No Thanks: 8 Reasons There Doesn’t Need To Be A HSM 4

Disney, for the love of all that is good – please stop ruining my childhood with reboots that don’t live up to the original. It was just announced that Disney has decided to revive the High School Musical franchise, and announced a nationwide casting call for High School Musical 4. While I would love to see a 4th installment with the original Wildcats, can you not with a new crew? We saw some of the cast recently reunite for its 10 year anniversary, CAST THEM! THEY STILL HAVE CHEMISTRY.

When rumors of High School Musical 4 floated around, I was super excited for a college years version. You know, HSM meets Pitch Perfect While the original HSM made stars of the cast – I’m doubtful that the reboot will do the same.

Below are eight reasons why there doesn’t need to be an HSM 4:

  1. No Cast Will Measure up to the Original HSM Cast.
    There is no denying the chemistry of this extra good-looking cast. Nothing will ever be able to beat the passion they showed on-screen.
  2. It Won’t Hit Us in the Feels.
    When the first High School Musical came out, most of you were probably in middle school. That attachment you hold to it won’t be present when you undoubtedly watch the upcoming 4th installment. Also, younger generations will never appreciate the fabulousness of the HSM franchise like twenty-something year olds.
  3. The Music Won’t Beat the Genius of HSM.
    The lyrics, music, choreography, and breakout dance scenes. Sure, some of it was cheesy and the new movie will feature music but nothing will top Martha singing stick to the status quo or Troy & Gabriella’s duets.
  4. Sharpay’s Sass Won’t be Present.
    Who are you going to get to even compete with the fabulousness of Ms Sharpay Evans?
  5. The Supporting Cast Won’t Have the Background Stories.
    Ryan’s hats. Chad’s shirts. Taylor’s knowledge. Zeke’s baking. Martha’s dancing. Kelsi’s songwriting. Jason’s untimely comments. The main cast, as well as the supporting cast all brought something to the table. I was emotionally invested in each person. Something I’ve noticed in current Disney films/shows are that they only focus on 2 – 3 people whereas the original franchise let us have a look at the entire cast.
  6. No One Will Beat #Troyella.
    Try as you might but you will literally never find a greater Disney love story than Troy and Gabriella. Sorry, you can try to replicate but no one will ever beat #troyella.
  7. Because Disney has proven their d
    It doesn’t matter that the same writer is writing the 4th installment or that some crew members will be involved. When it comes down to it, Disney’s standards of what is allowed/not allowed has become so narrow-minded that what is filmed will essentially be fluffy, and no substance (looking at you Girl Meets World).
  8. Simply because Disney can reboot it with the ORIGINAL CAST.
    It’s not like it’s a 10 year reboot with the original cast (Fuller House) or a sequel with the original cast presents (Girl Meets World) but a full on rebooted sequel. Also – it’s not like the cast refuses to be on it, they’ve vocally said that they would love to return to HSM. HI ZAC, COME BACK.

Thanks Disney but no thanks. It would be great if you could stop ruining my childhood. I’m sure I’ll end up tuning in because of curiosity, and I’m also sure that I’ll probably live-tweet the entire thing and proceed to watch the original trilogy afterwards.

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