3 Reasons Kesha’s New Album Is A Musical Masterpiece

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Kesha, but I was fairly excited about her new album, to say the least. I pre-ordered the album awhile before it dropped, and I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. Almost five years after her last album, Kesha presents to us her appropriately titled third studio album Rainbow. During that time she fought a much publicized legal battle against Dr. Luke, her ex-producer, over allegations of sexual abuse and mental abuse. After breaking free from her contract again, she did a stint in rehab. And five years later, we are blessed with the masterpiece that is Rainbow. And why? Let me break it down for you.

The album is full of musical diversity

I’m no music expert, but this is one of the most musically diverse albums I have ever heard. From true Kesha dance anthems to beautiful piano ballads and acoustic hymns, Kesha did not fail to deliver. She draws from music genres like techno, alternative, and bluegrass. Both The Eagles of Death Metal and the Dap Kings Horns make guest appearances on the album, contributing to the diversity of it. Songs like “Hunt You Down” and “Bastards” showcase just how versatile Kesha can be in terms of musical genres, drawing inspiration from Dolly Parton, embracing the country and bluegrass vibes.

Kesha isn’t afraid to be vulnerable

Some of the most beautiful songs on the album document Kesha’s struggle through mental illness and years of abuse, and how she finds a way to love herself again. The songs are truly captivating, from learning how to find the strength inside of herself (“Praying”) to learning how to fall in love again with being alive (“Rainbow”). So many people can relate to similar experiences like the one’s Kesha’s had, and it’s so incredibly brave of her and refreshing to use her voice to not only express herself but reach out to others too.

She also isn’t afraid to get a little silly

Despite the troubles, Kesha has faced in the last five years and more, Kesha doesn’t lose her sense of humor on this album. Remember “Dinosaur” from her debut album Animal? In true Kesha fashion, she doesn’t leave us hanging in the humor department. One of my favorite songs on the whole album is “Godzilla,” and it’s about exactly what you’d expect it to be about: meeting Godzilla (or more specifically, what happens when you take Godzilla to the mall). Incidentally, as soon as the album downloaded, I played it on shuffle and this was the very first song I heard. She also lets it loose with the Eagles of Death Metal in “Boogie Feet.”

Needless to say, I had high expectations going into this album (due to her five-year hiatus, I figured this was just going to be gold), and I was not disappointed. Honestly, I was surprised by most of it. I had never expected to hear Kesha on a country track, much less one of her own. Playing this album on shuffle, she sang us some country, followed by some dance, and then surprised us yet again with beautiful piano ballads filled with truth and vulnerability. So stop what you’re doing, download Kesha’s Rainbow, kick your feet up, and grab a glass of wine, because you need this today.

Featured image viEva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer /CC BY-SA 2.0


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