7 Ways To Get Out Of The Rut You’re Stuck In

There are always going to be points in our lives where things suddenly come to a halt around us. We get so used to the hustle and bustle and the way life continues to shove us forward, that when it stops pushing us we don’t quite know what to do with ourselves. The saying “the calm before the storm” comes to mind, as sometimes when life becomes that still it feels eerie and unsettling.

Maybe this happened for you after high school or after college or university, as it tends to occur when one stage of our lives come to an end. Regardless of the when or where it can be extremely difficult to pull yourself out of the rut this places you in. It doesn’t mean life was always making all the decisions for you beforehand, it simply means you found it easier to make those decisions than you do now.

When life inevitably places you into a phase that you just can’t seem to shake, here are a few suggestions on how to combat feeling stuck:

1. Change Your Routine:

Nothing makes you feel more still than doing the same thing over and over again. Try switching things up! Whether that means adding in a new regime or simply changing the location of an old one, the choice is yours!

2. Try Something New:

It can be extremely difficult to know what the correct next step is when you’re trying to decide what direction to take in life. Decisions about kids and families, school and jobs, they can be immensely stressful! Trying something new may seem silly when faced with such dilemmas, but how will you ever know what path is right if you never test it out?

3. Ask For Advice:

There will always, always be people around you who have things to say about your life. However, sometimes it’s all about asking the right person. Find someone who you feel has an insight into what you’re going through, and most importantly someone who you are comfortable talking to. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, no matter how hard the answers are to hear.

4. Make Lists:

Yes, yes I am an organized freak. However, I’m not lying to you when I say that lists can be very beneficial! They allow you to thoroughly think out your options or your lack of options, and essentially they just allow you to debrief where you’re at. Find pros and cons or compare your ideas, just don’t hesitate to pull out that pen and paper.

5. Research:

How can you know what your options are if you haven’t looked into them? Maybe all this time you were only considering two programs or could only think of one job area to apply to, little do you know there might be more out there! Do your homework before you stress, the world isn’t as small as the hole that you’re stuck in is making it feel.

6. Cleanse Your Space:

Now you may ask, how exactly does cleaning and/or clearing out your living space benefit your life decisions? The answer is that when you realize the things you feel that you have to hold onto the most, you know those random items you just refuse to throw out? Those items have a purpose. You can’t throw them out because they mean something to you. Maybe they represent a person or a place, or something you feel strongly about. Whatever the reason, know that your life must go in a direction that involves those people or places because deep down they matter to you.

7. Exercise:

I can’t emphasize this one enough because while you’re busy making lists and listening to advice and trying out new options, your body and your mind desperately need a break. I don’t care if you do relaxing yoga and meditation or if you go for a 40km bike ride, what matters is how it makes you feel. One of the best ways to relieve yourself of the rut you’re in is to take care of yourself.

No one ever said life was easy, but these are a few simple ways to try and relieve just a little bit of the stress it sometimes puts on you. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into a place where you feel you can’t escape. There are always options, pros, and coping strategies. I promise you, you aren’t stuck, just you haven’t found your way yet.

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