3 Smartphones To Get Instead Of Waiting For The iPhone 8

OK, I know, the iPhone 8 is perhaps the most exciting smartphone to be released this year. Especially since we know nothing of it right now – its specifications and design, not to mention its features, are closely guarded secrets behind the thick and strong walls of Apple’s Cupertino vaults. Yet the launch date of the new iPhone is still months away, and its price tag will not exactly be friendly (it is rumored to cost anywhere between $650 and a fortune). So, before you go on to play All Jackpot Casino┬áhoping to hit a jackpot, let’s take a look at a few other options that are available today. All of them have hardware strong enough to take care of your daily needs, and price tags that are friendlier than what’s expected to be attached to the upcoming anniversary iPhone.

1. Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung has already caught our attention this year with its amazing Galaxy S8. Our smiles have, in turn, transformed into a grimace at the sight of its price tag: between $720 and $750, depending on the operator that sells it. Luckily, Samsung is always prepared with alternatives that are more accessible – like this year’s new and improved Samsung Galaxy A5.

Samsung’s Galaxy A5 is the perfect phone for everyday use and its price tag is pretty friendly (Amazon sells it for $344.99). Its hardware is strong enough to handle not only the games at the All Jackpots but more complex ones as well – it has an octa-core CPU, a ton of memory, and overall, quite a lot of processing power. It comes with an improved IP68 protection from liquid and dust, which makes it the perfect companion on the beach. Besides, it has a 16-megapixel camera, perfect for capturing all the most memorable moments of the summer to come.

The Galaxy A5 is available in four stylish colors: Black Sky, Gold Sand, Blue Mist, and Peach Cloud.

2. Moto G5 Plus

The Moto G5 Plus is an even budget-friendlier variant, with its price starting at $229.99. Its specifications don’t disappoint, though – it has a 2 GHz octa-core CPU, up to 4 GB of RAM, and a full HD 5.2″ display. Its configuration makes it perfect for everyday use – it will handle Candy Crush and All Jackpots slots with the same ease. It lacks the advanced liquid and dust protection of the Galaxy A5 but it can still accompany you to any waterside locations – you just have to take better care of it. Its 12-megapixel camera will perfectly capture your best moments, night and day, being capable of recording 4K high definition videos at 30 frames per second.

3. Nokia 6

If you had a mobile phone around the turn of the century, chances are it was made by the Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia. For years, Nokia was the leading phone brand of the world – unfortunately, it didn’t handle the transition to smartphones too well, and its partnership with Microsoft was also doomed to failure from the start. This year, it has returned in full force to the smartphone market, releasing quite a few handsets that make it worthy of the old times’ memories. And Nokia 6 is one of the best offers it has on the table today.

Nokia 6 has an octa-core processor running at 1.4GHz coupled with 3 GB of RAM (4 GB for the Arte Black limited edition). It has all the sensors and features a modern-day smartphone needs, and then some, making it one of the best in its price range. It has a 16-megapixel main camera coupled with an 8-megapixel front camera for selfies and video chat, 32 GB of internal storage (64 GB in the Arte Black limited edition) and quite the friendly price: $249 ($315 for the Arte Black limited edition).

Nokia 6 has a full metal body painted in colors like Matte Black, Tempered Blue, Silver, Copper, and – of course – the Arte Black Limited Edition.

So there it is. Three smartphones that you can get now for a much better price than the new iPhone 8. Yeah, there will probably be a lot of hype when this new phone comes out but really why wait? You’ll just end up being part of the crowd. With these alternatives, you can get a great phone now and avoid the mess that the Apple stores will be once the new iPhone is released.

Featured Image via Pexels


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