8 Times The Chainsmokers Understood Your Relationship Perfectly

When The Chainsmokers first hit the scene I definitely wasn’t sure about them. As time passed, they have grown on me. One of the reasons I’ve come to appreciate them so much is their lyrics. I mean the beat is pretty awesome in most of their songs, but if you really listen sometimes their words hit right on the mark.

I feel like no matter what stage of life you are in, there’s a Chainsmokers song for you and your relationship. They get the heartache and the pain, but they also get the fall and the presence of love. They find a way to sneak into each of our lives and minds and tell us that what we are going through is normal and okay.

If you don’t believe me, check out these lyrics:

  1. “Don’t worry my love, we’re learning to love, but it’s hard when you’re young” – Young, from Memories…Do Not Open.

This entire song sums up what it’s like to fall in love for the first time. It’s scary and weird and you make more mistakes than you even realize. It’s the kind of love that consumes you and the kind of heartache that can break you. Learning to be yourself and be with someone else is one of the hardest things so many of us go through as teenagers.

2. “I’m f*cked up, I’m faded, I’m so complicated. Those things that I said, they were so overrated” – Bloodstream, from Memories…Do Not Open.

This is the fall from the cloud that love brought you to. It’s you trying to get your life together as it falls to shambles around you. You say things to your ex you never fathomed, but somehow through all that pain, you know you meant them. You question yourself, your own judgments, if you’re going to be okay, and basically life as a whole.

3. “You’re just my type, the kind that only calls me late at night” – My Type, From Memories…Do Not Open.

Sometimes you hit a stage in your life when you’re honestly just better off alone. Maybe you’re trying to get through school or an apprenticeship. Maybe you just got out of a long-term relationship. How you got into that phase can vary, but how you experience that stage is often quite similar. You want someone to call you late at night, at the time it’s hardest to be alone. However, during the day you want space and freedom to figure your own shit out and not carry the weight of another’s.  

4. “I”m looking around the room, is one of those strangers you? And do you notice me too?” – It Won’t Kill Ya, from Memories…Do Not Open.

We all know that feeling when you see someone across a room, maybe you know them or maybe you don’t, but you just have this gut feeling that you want to know them. Somehow out of all the people in the room and in your life, they stand out. It’s terrifying and exhilarating all at once.

5. “You look as good as the day I met you, I forget just why I left you, I was insane” – Closer, from Collage.

This song can be interpreted in multiple ways. I chose to view it in a more positive way. Sometimes timing isn’t right and that’s okay, but sometimes after years, love can find it’s way back into the lives of people who lost each other and reunite them. Cheers to all the lovers who found their way back to one another!

6. “I really thought you were on my side, but now there’s nobody by my side” – Don’t Let Me Down, from Collage.

After someone breaks your trust or your heart it’s hard to have faith in them and future significant others. All you want is someone who doesn’t let you down, who you can believe in and will show up when you need them most. This song sums up how it feels to desperately try to believe in someone and their ability to show up for you.

7. “And clearly I don’t see myself up on that list” – Something Just Like This, from Memories…Do Not Open.

This one is for when you can’t find it within yourself to believe that you are good enough. We have all looked at someone at some point or another and thought to ourselves “they’re out of my league”, but what we don’t consider is perhaps the kind of person they are looking for. Maybe they don’t want what you’re assuming they want, maybe they want someone just like you.

8. “Deep in my bones, I can feel you. Take me back to a time only we knew” – Roses from Bouquet.

This song is all about being in love. It’s about late nights and daydreams and falling fast. It’s about living in a moment and never wanting it to end. This is a feeling we all go through at one point or another, and if we’re lucky it might even stay.

There’s nothing better than music that speaks to you. It makes you feel like you’re not alone even when you’re in an empty car or vacant room. It pulls you into a world where you are part of the bigger picture and around you, there are people who feel exactly as you do.

The Chainsmokers’ music may not suit every single person’s taste. However, they really do find a way to be relatable to every kind of person. Next time you’re having a bad day or feeling like your emotions don’t fit in with the rest of the world, really listen to the words they’re saying. It’s a big world out there and we are all more similar than we sometimes like to admit. Don’t be afraid to absorb someone else’s experiences in order to help your own.

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