10 Reasons Monica And Chandler Had The Most Real TV Relationship

Most Friends fanatics would probably say that Ross and Rachel had the best relationship on the show. From friends to dating, to friends, to parents, and eventually ending up together, we saw it all. Through it, they always managed to love and care for each other. So clearly, their relationship is one to remember. But we can’t forget about the ultimate friend’s couple. I personally believe Monica and Chandler’s relationship defeats all other fictional relationships for several reasons. Here are a couple of the reasons why:

  1. Their relationship had a rough start.

They met at Thanksgiving when Ross and Chandler were in college and Monica was still fat. Chandler called her fat. The next Thanksgiving Monica was thin, but accidentally cut Chandler’s toe off. The beginning was kind of awkward, just as we would expect in any normal relationship.

  1. There is NOTHING they won’t do for one another.

I mean, Chandler peed on Monica when she was stung by a jellyfish. And this is right after she told him she would never date him.

  1. They accepted each other at their worst.

Chandler’s constant jokes and Monica’s constant cleaning. They had flaws, but they loved each other anyway.

  1. They shared intimate moments even before their relationship.

This was quite possibly one of the greatest scenes in Friends history.

  1. Their friendship was sweet in itself.

Even in the beginning, they cared about each other. Through Monica with Richard and Chandler with Janice, they supported each other. They were always there for each other no matter what. And even though Monica said she would never date Chandler, we knew they would end up together anyway.

  1. They were weird around each other and they were okay with it.

Dorky love is the best love, and the Bings prove that. They showed us that relationships don’t have to be difficult and with the right amount of silliness and laughter love is possible.

  1. They risked their friendship for a chance at love.

Their relationship surprised us all in London. No one really expected the two to end up together especially considering their rocky beginning. But they risked it all, and proved once again, that anything is possible.

  1. They supported each other no matter what.

Through it all, they supported each other. In the good times and the bad. From Monica inadvertently thinking Chandler watched shark porn to the two not being able to conceive, they stuck through it all. They never gave up on love, even when Chandler had to move to Oklahoma.

  1. They fought so hard to become parents.

Monica had always dreamed of having children and when they found out they couldn’t they were devastated. But in the end, they kept trying. Chandler’s speech to Erica was absolutely beautiful and it showed just how badly they wanted this. And in the end, they ended up with two beautiful babies, a boy, and a girl. There is not a more perfect ending.

  1. They’re best friends.

They started out as friends and we loved that relationship. But as their relationship grew, so did our love for them as a couple. Being friends first made their relationship stronger and sweeter. They were always friends first and that’s what kept their relationship going.

Monica and Chandler may not have had the closest friendship on the show, but they always stuck by each other’s side. No matter what they were always there to support each other. From their first night together in London, to their beautiful wedding, to the birth of their children they loved each other the same. I can’t think of a more perfect T.V. couple.

Featured Image via screengrab from Friends.


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