Digital Love: Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Chance At Romance

Love ain't easy when you're too busy using Photoshop.

Trying to maneuver through life in your twenties is difficult enough, but doing so in the booming culture of social media is a whole other animal. Growing up in the Technological Age may seem like a blessing to some: we have more advanced healthcare, our cellphones speak to us, and we can order any variety of food directly to our doorsteps with the flick of a screen (I would say button, but those aren’t even around anymore). Unfortunately, one area that social media has impacted negatively is that of romance. Long gone are the days of sipping milkshakes with your lover in the corner booth of the neighborhood diner. Instead, that image has been replaced with one single word: “like.”

The pivotal issue with regards to millennials and love is our absolute and complete obsession with social media. We crave it, we lust after it, and it dwells in our bones like a fatal cancer. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are among some of the most commonly used words in our vocabularies. We take hundreds of pictures and download apps designed to contort us into more attractive, more “socially acceptable” versions of ourselves. We smooth our skin, we whiten our teeth, and when we’re done, we do it some more. We hope and wait and wish for more followers, more likes, more validation from an outside world that we are, indeed, worth it. For some reason, simply existing in this age is not enough. We constantly strive to be the thinnest, the bravest, and the prettiest. We have various profiles, pages, and websites dedicated to who else? Ourselves. The pathetic truth is that our self-love has trumped true love.

We are quick to post quotes and captions about love without really knowing what it is. Perhaps we are so enamored with ourselves that our ability to actively communicate with people in person has become too much of an inconvenience. It is far easier to obtain attention via social media than to actually go out and socialize. We form relationships over our iPads; we Skype instead of going on dates. And when all is said and done, we return to our laptops, the screens illuminating with page after page of networking sites. We even have sex online. Making love, the most intrinsic and most intimate act in existence, is now accessible with a single click of the mouse. It is both tragic and disturbing, but this is the world we currently exist in.

Now that social media has essentially swallowed us whole, it is up to us to draw the line. Acknowledging that you are enough may be the first step, but actually getting out and about is the next. There is a much greater, more beautiful love out there than one based in an imaginary world. Go put down your iPhones and chase it, millennials.

Featured image via Instagram Husbands


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