How 3,500 Millennials Are Using Dating Apps

If you’re single then there is no doubt that you have a dating app downloaded on your phone. Our generation is desperately swiping right to find love whether it’s just for a night or forever. However, don’t you ever wonder how guys vs girls are using these different dating apps?

Well, we have you covered, 3,500 college students were surveyed to figure this shit out. Overall, the survey involved about 8 different dating platforms including Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Match, Grindr, Zoosk, and Hinge. The survey dived into how many people plan on having sex on the first date, what people are using these apps for, and who is being harassed the most on these apps. Ok, I’ll stop blabbing and get into the good stuff…

Which App And Why?

According to ABODO‘s survey, the most common dating app among college students is Tinder (SHOCKER). Most of these college students admitted they are only using Tinder for entertainment. Tinder is seeing 5x more users than Bumble, which is CRAZY because my friends have been constantly saying that Bumble is the new and improved Tinder.

For Love Or Nudes? 

The question we all have been asking, why are we really on dating apps? Is it for love? Is it to cure your loneliness? Or just to fix your sexual frustration for the night? The survey found that the top motivator was to escape boredom. This was honestly shocking, based on all the creepers you find on dating apps, receiving “nudes” was the last reason someone would use a dating app with only 8.7% of all survey respondents choosing it as their primary reason.

Which App Is Safe? 

The app you are most likely to be harassed on is Grindr, which is really sad. Grindr is the only app to have more than half of its surveyed users (51%) report harassment. This may come as a surprise to use but Tinder had the lowest amount of users reporting about harassment. 

What Is Considered Cheating?

Where do you draw the cheating line when it comes to dating apps? It’s a truly ambiguous area that causes way too many fights for millennial couples. 69% agreed that using dating apps while in a relationship IS cheating. Catch this… 37% of men DO NOT think using dating apps while in a relationship is cheating unless there are flirty messages being sent.

Overall 95% of millennials still prefer to meet someone offline, proving that our generation has not lost all hope for romance and love yet.

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