8 Math Jokes You Have To Tell In Honor Of Pi Day

Remember in school when teachers would drill equations into our heads? They would promise this stuff would be useful and they would make sure we had it all memorized because, god forbid, we didn’t get into AP calculus and throw our whole life away.

I know some of you did go on to make math work for your everyday life and I am happy those torturous hours paid off. For most of us, today is the one day we will brush off our knowledge and make those awesome math jokes we wait all year to say.

Like acknowledging the day for what it is.

Dropping some sweet lines to impress that person you’re crushing on.

Making your love giggle and swoon.

When you need to give your friend some solid advice.

For all those feelings you have that no one ever seemed to understand.

Having to explain why coming back from spring break is so hard.

Because you can’t not smile at a kitty.

And soon it will all be over for another year but there’s always time for one last joke during happy hour.

Cheers to having a great pi day! Hope you get to be nerdy and eat pie all day long. And for those of you who understood these jokes, would you be a dear and leave some explanations in the comments? We’d all love to learn something new today.

Featured image via 445693 on Pexels



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