7 Ways You Should Handle An Unwanted Dick Pic

The most unfortunate problem in this age of technology: everything is anonymous. While not everyone chooses to be anonymous, the option to be anonymous gives people a new sense of confidence that maybe they shouldn’t have. Most females can attest to their hatred for random dick pics. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not, the chances are you’ve gotten that unwanted picture from some weird guy (probably on Snapchat) that was of *ahem* his not so private-anymore-parts. So, if you are sick of those random dick pics, here are 7 responses to handle the situation.

1. Educate him

This is obviously the go-to method. This doesn’t always work, mostly became men are stubborn creatures by nature. They believe their way is the only way and the right way. Sending a random dick pic isn’t disrespectful or repulsive in their eyes. So maybe hearing it from many different voices will give them the hint that it’s not what a girl wants.

2. Laugh at it

Send LOL. Send a gif of someone laughing to the point of crying. Send a video of you laughing so hard you are crying. He won’t know what you’re laughing at. Are you laughing because it’s small? Because it’s shaped weird? Either way, maybe it will calm his ego down enough to not send inappropriate pictures to random females.

3. Meme it

Turn it into a meme. Make sure this meme shows your disgust for said dick pic. You could always find a premade meme on the internet and just send that if you aren’t creative or tech savvy. The internet is a dark place; I am sure they are there.

4. Tell him you’ve seen bigger

Do this while sending him a picture of your pinky or one of those tiny pickles. It can also be accomplished by photoshopping a baby carrot or something of that sorts next to the dick pic. Even an eggplant emoji. That’s a huge ego deflator.

5. Send it to his mom

Don’t send the pic itself. But if it’s someone you know their parents (or they have their parents as “family” on their Facebook page), then use it to your advantage. I know no mother wants their son sending pictures of his dick to random females on the internet. Letting his mother know what he’s doing with his free time may just get him the “you must be respectful to women” speech. Which he needs. Also, be sure to tell him you are letting his mother know that he is sending inappropriate pictures. P.S. It works on most guys at any age.

6. Get aggressive

What better way to make sure a guy never sends you another dick pic than showing that you mean business? Send him a picture of a banana, or any other penis shaped food, being sliced into pieces. Surely he will back off if he knows what’s good for him.

7. Send a picture of a dick back

Seriously, what’s better than fighting a dick pic with another dick pic? I can promise you, they won’t expect THAT as a response. I mean, they might think you are a guy afterward but it would be worth not ever getting another dick pic from them again. P.S. Make sure it’s bigger. That way it knocks their ego back a couple notches so hopefully, they don’t do it again.

While some of these may be considered bullying, sending a picture of a dick to my phone without my approval is considered sexual harassment. Seriously. To any male reading this, I can 100% attest that dick pics are not the answer.

Moral of the story, dick pics are not the way of life. If anything, they are a complete nuisance to the receiver unless it is a wanted picture and very much expected. No girl should be afraid to open a picture in public. LET’S MAKE OUR SOCIAL MEDIA A DICK PIC FREE PLACE!

Feature Image via Jimmy Fallon “Ew!” screengrab


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