Meet The First Family: Who’s Who In The Trump Clan

President Donald Trump has officially moved into the White House and he’s bringing his entire family along for the ride. Literally. Yes, we’ve heard negative stories upon negative stories about him and his family, but have we ever asked ourselves, who actually are the Trumps?

Well, let’s get to know them a bit more, shall we?

Melania Trump

Born in Slovenia, President Trump’s third wife is the first foreign-born US first lady in two centuries! (England’s Louisa Adams was the last from 1825-1829). Not only has she modeled in Paris and Milan, and in the nude, she fluently speaks five languages and believes in the power of education. Hence why she is staying in New York so her son can remain in his current school until the end of the year.

Becoming a US citizen in 2006, she hopes to be a representation of what the American dream is, and promises “to be a traditional first lady like Jackie Kennedy”. Although there is nothing traditional about her and the official role of First Lady is uncertain, she does want to become an advocate against online bullying and helping women in poverty. At least it’s a start!

Ivanka Trump

The eldest Trump child and from Donald’s first wife, this 35-year-old businesswoman is moving to Washington, suggesting she will be primarily taking on the First Lady role while her step-mother remains in New York (although nothing has been made official yet). Not only is she a pretty face, but she has an incredible background in business and a degree from Wharton School of Finance.

As a mother of three, she proudly advocates affordable childcare and equal pay. Lawyers say she “will step down as vice president of the Trump Organization and from direct running of her eponymous fashion company to focus on settling her young children into Washington.” I genuinely believe that she will be the only family member who is truly ready for the changes that are to come.

Jared Kushner

Otherwise known as the son-in-law, who just so happens to be the special advisor while in the White House. Besides being Ivanka’s husband, he’s best known for being a property developer and magazine publisher, as well as being referred to as the “brains” behind Trump’s election campaign.

Although he is married into arguably the biggest business-oriented family in the world, he is no stranger to the industry. After his father was jailed for tax evasion, witness tampering, and illegal campaign contributions, Jared took the over the real estate business and moved it to Manhattan and made the company millions in a short period of time (and legally). Although he and his family aren’t technically living in the White House, they will be right down the road in an elite neighborhood that’s already home to several top government officials and their families.

Tiffany Trump

The 23-year-old is from his second marriage to Marla Maples (who at one point was his mistress, might I add). Sadly she’s noticeably viewed as the outcast child, because she lived in California, unlike her half-siblings who were all an elevator ride away from each other in the Trump Tower. She has no plans on continuing in her family’s footsteps and work in business, but did attend the University of Pennsylvania, and is reportedly looking at attending Harvard Law School.

Staying true to her father’s larger than life mentality, and her mother’s career in the spotlight, she released a song “Like a Bird” in 2011 and has appeared on The Richest Kids of Instagram. Rumor has it she was also named after “Tiffany & Co.”, the store next to the Trump Tower. She literally could be the real life, Elle Woods

Barron Trump

This little guy has been making headlines a lot lately! Not much is known about the ten-year-old except for that he goes to school in New York and will continue to do so for the rest of the school year. He will also be the first US President’s son to live in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1963!

Nicknamed “the Little Donald” he is sure to start setting trends upon his arrival to Washington. His mother revealed that he lathers his face with caviar cream every night before bed (a product from her skincare line to be exact), insists on wearing a suit every day, enjoys golfing a lot, and already has a woman working for him. And he’s 10. He really is a mini Donald.

I know what you’re thinking, what about Donald Jr. and Eric? Well, they are staying in New York to run the Trump Organization in their father’s absence. We might as well film a docu-series and call that Fuller House; the Washington Edition because it’s only going to get bigger from this point on. Or Spoiled Rich Kids of Washington, whatever works best for you.

Feature Image via Ivanka Trump.


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