Here Are A Few Ways You Can Start Celebrating Diversity

In this day and age, there are many ways we can describe ourselves. We can celebrate everything — our gender, lifestyle, the clothes we wear, or the region we live in. 

As children, we’re told to celebrate being unique and different. But if we’re being honest, we get criticized the moment we actually decide to take this advice.

It’s 2022, and I say, f*ck it. We all need more happiness and positivity in this world right now. If dressing masculinely as a female is what makes you happy, do it. If you’ve been in the closet for years or even a few months and have decided your sexuality is different, embrace it. And if you’ve dreamed of moving to a new state or country to live your life, do it!

There will always be “haters” who want to tear someone down because they don’t fit the mold. But we don’t need them, and they don’t need us. It’s time to be more accepting of people in every aspect. I’ll even go as far as to say that if we were more accepting of kids and adolescents, maybe violence would decrease, and mental health would be taken more seriously. There is no specific way to live life, and there shouldn’t be. We just need to respect others and recognize that we’re all different.

Here are a few ways we can celebrate diversity:

1. Attend festivals and celebrations-

It seems like every month, there is a new thing to be celebrated. Whether it’s a cultural event or just a concert to get the neighborhood out and about, there’s bound to be something you can enjoy! I believe our generation does better about attending events that matter to us and our peers. 

But I challenge you to go to one that maybe you don’t know as much about. For example, attend a Pride parade, go to a Hispanic Heritage festival, or check out the Native American reservation. We could all stand to learn a little bit more about the people around us.

2. Have a multitude of friends-

We all know that we have friends that probably look like us, have a similar way of thinking, and were raised like us. But it would surprise so many of us if we talked to others who maybe live a little differently or who aren’t completely “like us” — in fact, you’d find out we’re all actually quite alike! After all, from what we’ve read in the books and seen on TV, “jocks” and “nerds” can get along just fine.

3. Step outside your comfort zone-

This can mean different things to everyone. Whether it’s conquering a fear of heights by going up a mountain, trying a strapless dress on, or tasting ethnic food that you never even considered before, it all counts. Even if all you do is try something once, it’ll make for a story that’ll last a lifetime.

Are there ways that you’ve decided to express yourself better than others? We would love to hear about it! Being unique or just yourself is something we should all strive to do daily. After all, it’s about being you!

Photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash


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