5 Reasons Ivanka Trump Is A Major Girl Boss

No matter what your views are on her extremely polarizing father, Ivanka Trump has managed to stay classy and avoid being tainted by her father’s brash actions. She’s a hardworking mother and a great role model for girls that want to be a mom without compromising their dream jobs.

Here are 5 things you should know about Ivanka.

  1. She founded her own company.

She’s has a fashion line featured in stores like Nordstrom, with clothes, shoes and handbags – as well as a fine jewelry line. She wanted to work on her own terms and still be able to have a family. Her Nordstrom collection even says that it’s designed specifically for women who work. Ivanka is all about encouraging women to live up to their potential – and she doesn’t just talk the talk. She’s proven that she’s one of those women herself.

  1. She’s an awesome mom.

Moms are truly the real-life superheroes we get to witness every day. Ivanka is now a mom to three kids that she clearly loves and takes pride in. She’s proof that you can be a superhero at work and still be a super mom at home too. You really can have it all.

  1. She’s all about empowering women.

Her #WomenWhoWork campaign celebrates women who are multidimensional and explore their passions. The #WomenWhoWork section on her website highlights a bunch of hardworking women and also features blog posts written by her team and guest contributors on everything from style, to home life, to the work life (obviously).

She gave a passionate speech at the Republican National Convention about the importance of maternity leave for workers. And unlike all those reports lately, she actually gives every employee that she’s responsible for eight weeks of maternity leave, plus unlimited vacation and flexible work schedules. Empowering women is her priority.

  1. She’s serious about her career.

She may have had some trouble being taken seriously early in her career, but she learned lessons along the way and has become a force to be reckoned with. She never let those things discourage her, and has earned the respect of those that doubted her. In addition to her own company, she’s Executive VP of the Trump Organization and handles creative decisions for the Trump Hotel Collection.

  1. She made it on her own.

Yes, she has a very famous dad, which does give her a privileged position over most of ordinary people. But she was the one who graduated Cum Laude from the Wharton School. She’s the one who wrote a book. She’s made the effort to be more than just “Donald Trump’s daughter.” Getting out from under Donald’s shadow isn’t easy, but she’s worked hard to make it happen.

Ivanka doesn’t deserve to be judged because of the things that come out of her father’s mouth. If she had any other last name, no one would even question the fact that she’s a role model for girls and women of all ages. Ivanka Trump is 100% badass – all on her own.

Featured image via Ivanka Trump and Harpers Bazaar US


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