8 Ways To Get Yourself Out Of An Emotional Rut

There comes a time where we feel extremely overwhelmed by everything going on in our lives to the point where literally anything stresses us out. Even looking at your wrinkled shower curtain could cause a mental breakdown. Sometimes talking about it doesn’t always help, and that’s completely okay.

I’ve conducted a list of stupidly simple things that help make me less overwhelmed, yet makes you feel accomplished.

Make Your Bed

When you feel like things are chaotic in your life, looking around your bedroom could be the worst thing to do, especially if it’s messy (or an organized mess as I like to call it). By making your bed, it oddly makes you feel like something in your life is put together.

Take A Warm Shower

Nothing feels better than standing in a warm shower while the water pours down your body and you lose yourself in your thoughts. Taking a warm shower gives you a mental break from reality and can help you regain your motivation to do things.

Put On New Clothes

Even if it’s putting on a new pair of pj’s, you will make you feel so much more clean and productive. It’s the feeling of fresh clothes on your skin, and taking off the dirty ones. You just feel better.

Unsubscribe From Emails

Let’s be real, at one time you gave your email to a few store clerks in hopes of getting some awesome notices about sales and promotions, but half of them you don’t need. Decluttering your inbox will make you feel less overwhelmed when getting those emails and notifications.

Go Through Your Closet & Donate

Going through your closet and getting rid of clothes you don’t wear will help make room for the new things in your life. Plus if you donate it, you’re contributing to making someone else’s life much better.

Sit Somewhere Other Than Your Bed

The more you stay in bed, the more you become swallowed up by your surroundings. Go sit at the kitchen table while on your laptop, or watch a movie in your living room. A change of scenery helps you fall out of the repetitive pattern you’re in.

Use A Planner/Calendar To Make Plans

When you see things physically written down, it’s easier to visually see that things are not that bad. You can write down everything from appointments to new goals. Regardless, they feel more achievable.

Go For A Walk

The feeling of crisp air on your face makes the world of a difference when you are in a rut. Not only does it make you feel refreshed, but it keeps you active. The sounds of nature or a big city will help you feel at peace.

The big things in life are important, but so are the small things. And it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impacts on our lives. If you feel like you are in a rut, don’t hesitate to do these easy activities that may seem like the biggest tasks. Remember you are not alone and that you can do it, it just takes time and baby steps. You will see progress and the light at the end of the dark tunnel you are in.

Featured image via Tatiana on Pexels


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