I Used This Argan Oil And My Hair And Skin Haven’t Been The Same

I’m not usually one to try all these hair and skin products in hopes that something miraculously makes a difference. Normally, I stick to my typical shampoo/conditioner regiment with a Neutrogena face wash and call it a day. But lately I’ve been hearing a huge hype about essential oils as skin/haircare, specifically argan oil. Never tried it, but curious? Well lucky for you, I had the pleasure of testing out a several-week sample of Actually Organic’s Argan Oil and have my results ready to flaunt to the world! (Really, I just flaunt it to my boyfriend who I force to feel my hair and skin after pretty much every use.)

Check this: this product is 100% organic. I know, I know… It’s in the name so it seems completely unnecessary to say, but SO many products claim to be all natural and then get all sneaky and slither in some undesirable ingredients that you’d probably never bother to check out. Pro-tip: if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, it’s probably not natural (and probably not good for you either). So the fact that this product’s ingredient list only contains argan oil is a huge plus in my book.

If you’ve been wanting to try out essential oils for your hair or skin, here’s why I totally recommend this product for everyday use.

My hair has never been softer.

I had pretty damaged hair because younger me was awful at brushing it without ripping every knot out, and lately I tend to over wash, which leaves my hair dried out and brittle. So before trying out this oil, I got myself a fresh new do and applied this stuff to my hair after every single shower. When I tell you it hasn’t been dry, brittle, or frizzy, I seriously mean it!

It doubles as a detangling spray.

If you’re anything like me, brushing your hair while it’s wet could be a tear-jerker. I even started using a store bought detangling spray to try and tame my vicious locks, which wasn’t really the best help. After applying Actually Organic’s argan oil in my hair after my shower, brushing it became so much easier! Plus, I need a chemistry book to help navigate me through that detangling spray I bought, so I dumped the chemicals and my hair couldn’t be happier!

I haven’t had a breakout in weeks.

I have troublesome skin that likes to produce massive breakouts when I need to look somewhat presentable, and I couldn’t seem to shake it without using a product that dried my skin out until it was flaky. Seriously, the breakout may have looked better. So I started using this argan oil on my face after my showers every morning or before applying my makeup, and my skin has no breakouts to be seen. Not to mention it’s soooo freakin’ soft. I mean, baby-right-out-of-the-womb soft.

They tested hundreds of oils to find the right one.

They didn’t take just any oil that was thrown their way. They made sure their product was from the purest sources and was as authentic as it could get. Not to sound cheesy, but I can totally get behind a company who values quality over quantity. Actually Organic does exactly that, since argan oil is their only product on the market for the time being while they perfect the formulas for later products like shampoos and soaps. They aren’t rushing through products to start making money, they’re taking their time to make sure everything is top-notch.

Don’t know whether to believe some random twenty-something from the internet? Try it for yourself! Here’s a link to their amazon product– and believe me, as the girl who doesn’t like to give in to all the hyped up beauty regiments, this is so worth every penny and you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be a regular customer.

Featured image via Victoria Giansante


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