5 Simple Hair Tricks More Creative Than A Messy Bun

There is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not really your fault, right? I mean everyone does it.

We wake up in the morning (normally later than planned), consider for a second actually doing our hair, and then remember that we a) haven’t showered in a couple days and b) have to stop by Starbucks because the coffee machine is busted and the caffeine addiction isn’t going to fix itself. Plus, its just going to be a hot mess by the time you finish classes and make it to work anyway. We end up turning to the messy bun day after day.

We wear a messy bun to class every single day simply because we don’t want to have to deal with the disaster that is our hair. But ladies, I have news: it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m here to tell you that there is hope, not only for you, but for all of us. Here are 5 super easy hairstyles for days when the bun is just way too overdone:

The hipster-mini-braid. 

Overslept again? Or maybe you just don’t have enough effort left to try to do anything with your hair on Monday morning. Simply hide a tiny braid in that nest of knots somewhere. It will give you an effortless trendy look, and it’s super easy to do in the middle of class while you’re totally not paying attention to lecture.

The Hun. 

What in the world is a hun you ask? No, it’s not that scary guy from Mulan. It’s a newer trend that we have seen celebs rocking in the media everywhere. It stands for Half-Bun and everyone from Hilary Duff to J. Lo. have been absolutely slaying this style. Need a how to? Check out it out here. The best part? Its way easier than an actual full messy bun because it’s only half the amount of hair. Bye bye basic, hello longer morning sleep-ins.

The hybrid ponytail braid combo.

Don’t freak out. Its not as complicated as it looks, I promise. It only takes like, five minutes! Here’s the step by step on how to create this masterpiece. You can thank me later. This style-to-go creation is great for anything from a first date, to a last minute formal event, to an interview, or a casual study session to pull back those stray hairs.

The fishtail braid.

Because who doesn’t want mermaid hair. This one isn’t the simplest, but with practice, patience and coordination, I believe you can pull it off. The best part is it’s super durable so it can be worn all day without ever coming out. I even sometime can get away with working out in it. Definitely worth the extra few minutes of practice. Zoella did a pretty great job on a tutorial, which you can check out here!

The classic baseball hat. 

Pair it with a ponytail or a braid. Perfect for that second day hair or to cover up the greasy scrubs days. And it’s a great look for that Sunday brunch after you’ve had a great Saturday night out on the town.

Now don’t get me wrong, the messy bun is classic go-to, but I have faith we can just do better sometimes, you know? Show off your gorgeous locks, and keep everyone guessing what you’re going to do next.

Featured image via Gratisography on Pexels


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