9 Things He Needs To Do To Completely Woo You

Who doesn’t like to be wooed? This is the phase that lays the foundation of the future relationship; it is what gets the girl hooked on. Wooing is a continual process, which does not end once you’ve gotten the girl. Don’t think that once the chase has ended the relationship is doomed. It is important to do things for her now and then that surprises her and makes her feel special. In turn, she will give her loyalty and love back. If you are unsure on how to woo a girl the right way, here are 9 ways in which you can do so:

  1. Be genuine: We live in a world where being genuine has become a rare quality. People are always fake, pretending to be someone they’re not, in order to impress the girl. Being genuine will take you a long way in the dating game.
  1. Be chivalrous: I would like to believe that chivalry isn’t dead. Be polite, open doors, walk on the traffic side of the road, escort her and her friend’s home. You may think these are small things but these small gestures never go unnoticed.
  1. Give her your undivided attention: Get off that phone of yours when you are with her. You will have plenty of time to check the game score or reply to your messages and emails when you are home.
  1. Notice her likes & dislikes: Always take mental notes of her likes and dislikes and surprise her when she least expects it. Take her to her favorite restaurant, order her favorite drink when she’s running late, notice when she looks different with a new haircut or style.
  2. Be there when she needs someone: Be her shoulder to cry on when she needs it. If she needs someone by her side, make sure it’s you. It will show her how committed, dependable, and serious you are about having her in your life and wanting to be in hers.
  1. Learn to listen: If you are only going to keep bragging about yourself and your life, rest assured she will not turn to give you another look. Show a real interest in getting to know her better; it will take you a long way.
  1. Make her feel special: If she is having a bad day, let her vent to you and be supportive about it. Remember small dates like the first time you’ll met or the first time you took her out on a date etc. Make an effort to celebrate these with her. Do whatever is in your power to make her feel loved and cherished.
  1. Let her know that you are thinking about her: Shoot her a message in the middle of the workday to check how her day is going or pick her up from work so that you’ll get that extra 30 minutes to spend together. Message her good morning first thing when you wake up or send her flowers or any small memento that makes you think of her. Whatever big or small it maybe, show her that you are thinnest king about her.
  1. Open up to her: We all know it’s hard to open up for guys in order to avoid being vulnerable in front of the girl. However, think about it, you only open up in front of people you truly care about and are truly comfortable with. If you talk about your fears or your problems or what makes you sad, it will show her that you are really invested in her and are not here just to pass your time.

We live in a world where women are strong and independent. They don’t need a man to be able to provide for them. They don’t need someone who can pay for a date; they are more than capable of doing that themselves. They need someone who can treat them right because somehow that breed has become very rare in the 21st century. All you need to do is make her feel loved and special.

Featured image via Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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