7 Texts From Exes That Will Literally Make You Cringe

Nothing beats the total embarrassment you feel when you accidentally text your ex. Nothing beats your rage when your ex texts you at 2 am on a Thirsty Thursday. And nothing beats your justified feelings of anger and jealousy when your ex texts you months after you broke up, simply to tell you that he’s started dating someone new.

Of course I’m guilty of texting my ex when I’m lonely. I’m human, right? I’ve done the “Oh, I’m sorry, I texted the wrong person! But, uh, while I’m here, how are you???” and I’ve texted under the guise of just wanting to “check in” even though I really want to see what their current relationship status is at. Sometimes you just can’t help it! Of course I’ve texted my ex. And no matter how many times I tell myself to be all “excuse me, no thank you, I don’t care anymore”, it never really works.

Here’s a compilation of awkward, infuriating, and hilarious texts from exes.


Sadly, this text is actually from my personal archives. In all honesty, I WAS trying to text my boyfriend. He left for work while I was still sleeping, and so I was just checking up on him. But I was mostly asleep. Thankfully, this is one ex that ended on good terms, so it wasn’t as horrific as it could’ve been..


This one has happened to more than once. Both on purpose, and on accident. I’m not the only person that’s “accidentally” pocket dialed a boy while I was talking about him with a friend. Right? Okay…


There is almost nothing more gag worthy than an ex who texts you saying he wants to “cuddle”. Unless the spoon you have in mind is one that I’m going to stab into your eyeball, leave me alone.


I’ve personally always wanted to text this to an annoying boy, but I’ve always forgotten to when I’m in the moment…Kudos to you, girl.


*faceplam* Please stop.


I laughed hysterically at this one. I wish I had been endowed with the wit to answer this way when a boy texts me.


Of course it didn’t weird me out. Would you mind signing this restraining order real quick? Kthanksbye.

No matter the reason, no matter the half-assed explanation, we’ve all been guilty of sending the regrettable text to our ex, and we’ve all been angry and frustrated when our ex texts us out of the blue, hoping to hook up.

But there’s obviously a reason you broke up…so, delete his number, put the phone down, and go take a cold shower…because it’s really not worth it.

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