Does Being In Love Really Make You Happier?

What does everybody say about being in love? That it’s a marvelous sensation, right?

But does love truly make you happier? Because you’ve heard that it can also hurt you and make you feel unhappy, sad, and even empty.

Where does the answer lie, then?

Do you continue to give in to your emotions? Or would you be happier if you pushed love aside?

For many people who have suffered being in love and relationships, the answer is pretty obvious.

However, as human beings, we can’t help but keep falling in love, whether it leads us to a happy ending or not.

Depending on you and how love can intensify your happiness, you can be happier! But you shouldn’t rely on love, alone, just to be happy.

Loving yourself is where it all starts.

Yes, you shouldn’t depend on love in the first place. But, when people talk about being in love, they’re almost always thinking about loving others.

But love encompasses so much more than just romantic feelings. And loving yourself is the most essential part if you want any love to ever visit your life.

If you don’t accept yourself and love yourself for who you are, you won’t be able to let love in, much less give healthy affection back.

The issue is that no one can be responsible for your own happiness, only you.

So, if you’re wondering if love can make you happy because you’re unhappy, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

The answer, in that case, is no. Love, alone, cannot make you happy.

But if you already love yourself, you know how love feels, and you also know how it is to give love! Then, you will be able to embrace true love and open up your heart to that significant one.

It’s only then that love can make you happier. And when you get to that point, your happiness upturns into levels that you never imagined.

Finding the love of your life when you’re a whole and happy person changes it all.

Understanding the principles of love.

You know now that the word “love” encompasses different types of affection. And besides loving yourself, it also includes the love for your family, your friends, and even your pets!

Nowadays, it’s common to hear the words “I love you” misused and wasted. People say it without meaning. Sometimes, they don’t even know its significance.

To avoid squandering the name of love, you need to question yourself when you finally fall in love and figure out how you love them and why. Once you understand the reasons why you love the people you love, you may even see them differently.

Many are the rules and conditions imposed on loving. But the vital foundation of loving each other is that we also must respect each other.

We must try to get into the other’s shoes, understand them in hard times, and support them by being there for them. And the same way around, because that’s the best thing about love — it’s enough for both of you!

Once you understand what love is about and how to direct that feeling in a healthy way in your life, you will see that happiness is always better when it is shared.

And you will discover that those people’s love makes you happier than you would ever be with no one around.

Finding your “better” half: The realization of love.

Now that you’re clear that you must love yourself before loving others, you now understand the vital foundations of love. It’s also clear that this is not about a better or worse half — it’s just a saying!

However, there’s some insight into the slang phrase. It’s true that for that love to make you happier, you need to find someone who shares the same values and same direction in life as you.

Sometimes, you meet people who bring negative memories about love. They may break your heart, disappoint you, and leave wounds so deep that you become afraid of loving again.

I wish there was a way to avoid this, but there’s none. It’s normal to go through this, because there are so many people in the world and it’s easier to meet the wrong person.

But don’t let these experiences discourage you!

Love may bring some misery into our lives sometimes, it’s true. But when you find the one who believes in the power of love like you do, don’t be afraid!

Embrace love into your happy life, and you will see its potential to make you happier.

There are benefits to falling in love while being happy.

It’s no secret that love and happiness release endorphins — they’re called the hormones of love or happiness — which have a significant and positive impact on our well-being.

People who enjoy happy love are healthier, suffer fewer heart problems, and have lower stress levels. This means they have more energy, sleep better, and even lose fat faster! !

The emotional benefits are also worth highlighting, as love is a crucial factor to cure depression and reduce suicidal thoughts.

When you feel loved, you want to keep living to be around that person who loves you and enjoy as much of your life with them as you can.

Loneliness is inexistent when love is present!

So, in the end, my answer is yes! Love can make you happier!

But to be happier, you must be already happy, and that begins with loving yourself. Otherwise, any affection that approaches you will be unable to fully reach your soul, and that’s not the love you want.

You want real, deep love — a love that truly makes you happier.

Originally written by Agata Dominika on YourTango

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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