Why Cheeky Bottoms Are The Most Absurd Bathing Suit Trend Yet

It’s the summer of “cheeky” style bathing suit bottoms and I don’t know what to do.

I have always felt self-conscious in a bathing suit and this trend just made that even worse. Instagram is flooded with girls showing off their booty in their thong-esque bathing suit bottoms and of course I like every single one because I would love to be able to show off that kind of confidence and rock a cheekier bottom.

But I can’t, won’t, and probably will never rock this style.

My butt and legs are far from perfect and I’m okay with that but I’m not ready to flaunt it to the world yet. I want something with more fabric and a lot more comfort. However this is becoming almost impossible to find. I hate going bathing suit shopping because nothing covers my butt. I’ve always been teased for having a bigger booty and although I’ve accepted my butt for what it is, I don’t want to lie out in a thong for all to see.

Think about this: I’m going on vacation in September with my family to a tropical island. I need to buy bathing suits for this vacation. I really don’t feel comfortable parading around the island in front of my dad and my brother in a thong bikini bottom. I mean, some of you may feel comfortable doing so but I am almost positive that my family would be extremely uncomfortable if I chose to dawn on that barely-there style.

They’d feel uncomfortable. I’d feel uncomfortable. Other people would feel uncomfortable. Wow, sounds fun.

I’m not saying that this trend is anything horrible. If you want to rock a cheekier bottom then go for it! All the power to you for feeling so comfortable in your own body, and yeah, I think that is awesome! But for the rest of us who would like to keep a little more booty covered up I think we deserve more options that have more fabric to cover our booty. There needs to be at least some options for those of us who are a bit more modest.

This style is also not flattering for everyone. For us big booty girls it can actually flatten your butt in a very unflattering way. Also, how are you supposed to look cute when you have a serious case of hungry bum? Most of my butt has never even seen the sun so I’m really not down for some third degree burns.

I really hate this style because it only caters to a small minority yet is being made for the majority. Cheeky bottoms are the new crop tops; made only for a select few. I’ve found it extremely difficult this summer to buy bathing suits because of the lack of fuller bottom styles. I’m not shaming those of you who do love this cheeky style and I think that if you want to rock it then you should! I’m just disappointed in the lack of options for us girls who don’t want to show off as much.

“Cheeky” style I’m ready for you to go back to where you came from and please don’t come back!

Featured image via MAX LIBERTINE on Unsplash


  1. Lands End do a “tugless” suit that covers the bottom – I had one for a while and it really does stay put. But I, ever the nonconformist, have now got myself a “boyleg” swimsuit, with (as the name implies) legs that cover the first few inches of thigh as well. Most racing suits have this feature. Took mine on a long trip to Greece last September and LOVED it. TOTAL comfort.

  2. I too have this issue, and coincidentally my job requires me to have a one piece bathing suit (summer camp counselor). I went to Modell’s and found out that Nike makes fantastic one pieces with lots of coverage- and they’re cute too, mine has a big diamond-shaped back cutout (not that I’m really into cutouts but it looks right here)! You should look into more sport-oriented bathing suits, I’ve found they’re more comfy and hold up waaaay better than the flimsy fashion bikinis.

  3. I hate the cheeky bathing suits also! And I’m in good physical shape — I just don’t like being that naked! I’ve found that you can buy much fuller bathing suits online than in the stores. I bought a cheap one from Amazon (made by a company called Raintropical), and it has great coverage. So check online for cheaper and fuller options!

  4. I think thong and cheeky bathings suits are gross, full stop. Even girls with perfect bodies look silly and frankly gross with their butts hanging out and parading their wedgies for all to see. It is a degenerate and unsightly trend. I feel like a grandmother saying so, but it’s true. Not all fashions are ‘progress’, and as many social freedoms have verged toward degeneracy, so too have aesthetic ones, from music, to art to fashion. We need a pendulum swing back to more conservative times when men and women alike had more taste and reserve.

  5. Cheeky bathing suits make everyone uncomfortable except the teenage girls and young 20s who admire themselves and each other for parading almost naked. Everyone else feels uncomfortable.


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