The Pregame Playlist You Will Be Downright Obsessed With

I couldn’t tell you why or how it happens, but somehow at every pre-drink/pregame (whichever you call it), my iPhone somehow ends up on the speaker system (with me pretending to “DJ” depending on which wine I am drinking that night…)

“OMG I forgot about this song.”
“AHHHH I love this song.”

I’ve heard it all – so I figured, hey why not share the playlist love, the more the merrier right?

From Rap to EDM, to a little Latino, this list has it all. Pick and choose whichever songs you please, but one thing is for certain: any combo of the above is bound to have your friends (and you) tearing up the dance floor! Stay thirsty my friends…or better yet, stay dancing!

Featured image via Burts on Pexels


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