7 Rewarding 30 Day Challenges To Add To Your Bucket List

Looking on social media, 30 day challenges seem to be a major fad. They’re simple, easy to plan, and fit into everyone’s schedule. Unlike a New Year’s Resolution that lasts all year, 30 day challenges are just short enough so that people do not lose their focus, but still produce results. Below is a list of 30 day challenges that you NEED to complete. I promise there is something for everyone.

1. Beach Body Challenge

Summer is finally here and let’s be honest, all of our New Year’s resolutions completely backfired on us. We have not been using that gym membership we paid for, or eating recipes out of that healthy vegan cookbook we bought, but we keep questioning why the number on the scale keeps going up. This beach body challenge may not be a miracle worker, but it will kick-start that summer body you want.

2. Yoga Challenge

So you looked at the beach body challenge and laughed; maybe that’s not your style. That’s okay though, this next challenge may be right up your alley. Yoga can be intense yet relaxing, so it will definitely help you lose weight, but without the “I’m dying” thoughts. Yoga has been known to have many health benefits, including helping you deal with stress and anxiety. It may not give you the summer body you want quite as quickly as a more extreme regime, but it can help put your mind into a better place.

3. Clean Eating Challenge

What is all the exercise without a healthy diet? I’ve always heard that health and weight loss is like 80% diet and 20% exercise. Also, it is really hard to exercise when you feel like crap from eating nothing but junk food. Doing a 30 day clean eating challenge will help you on your future health adventures.

4. Happiness Challenge

Happiness has been known as the key to success. Participating in the happiness challenge can be a life changing adventure. Learning how to be happy and accept the changes that come into your life is one of the healthiest things you can do.

5. Disney Challenge

What could be better than a Disney challenge? 99% of the population is absolutely OBSESSED with Disney, so make a challenge out of it! Declare your love for Disney by participating in this amazing 30 day challenge on all of your social media.

6. Pizza Challenge

Okay yes, healthy lifestyle is important but let’s be honest. Who doesn’t LOVE pizza. Prepare your stomach for this AMAZING challenge. Overindulge and make peace with the amount of pizza you are going to eat. We will all be eating 10 slices of 3 topping pizza before we know it.

7. Napping Challenge

This one has been literally ALL OVER Facebook lately, THE NAPPING CHALLENGE. This challenge might be a joke but it could be helpful for those who struggle with energy and need help taking a healthy, successful nap. After this challenge you should feel well rested and ready to begin another challenge.

These 30 day challenges may be difficult for some to complete but they will be well worth it. They joy of completing a full list of things after working hard every day of the month can be extremely rewarding. Summer is here, so now is the perfect time to choose one and make your next month’s calendar proud!

Featured Image via Kino MacGregor


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