8 Romantic Winter Dates You And Your S.O. Need To Go On

There’s something about the romance that develops in winter.  Therefore, there is definitely a reason why Hallmark can create so many wonderful winter-themed love stories continuously, the time of year is just so perfect that it can even make our cold hearts melt.

If you’re looking to add some romance to your life, here are a few date ideas that vary in price for you and your loved one to try:

Build A Snowman


I know what you’re thinking, yuck, snow. Building a snowman can actually be a lot of fun, and you can become competitive with a mini competition of who can get the most creative or who can build a bigger snowman. It’s a great team building activity and only gives you a reason to warm up when you get back inside.

Go On A Christmas Drive

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Aside from the fun of looking into nice houses without blinds and getting a preview of what each home looks like indoors, it’s just so pretty seeing all the unique lights and layouts! Make some hot chocolate, grab a yummy snack, blare the Christmas classic tunes and get in the car. It’s a reasonably cheap date and gives you a chance to take a mini adventure and explore a place you may not be familiar with.

Make A Gingerbread House

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You can bust out your inner Martha Stewart and bake the gingerbread yourself or you can buy a kit at the store. You’ll both have fun buying the different candies and debating which are better, and eventually eating your creation.

Have Dinner At A Fancy Restaurant and Get Dressed Up

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If you don’t have the plus-one option at your work or families holiday party, you may also not have an opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy a good meal with your partner. So why not plan a night and splurge a little bit on a once in a lifetime dinner date at an expensive restaurant and have a night worth celebrating; your relationship.

Go Ice Skating


You can go to your local hockey arena and rent some skates or you can go to an outdoor pond that’s frozen over (as long as it’s safe). Plus if he’s already really good at skating, it’ll give you a reason to fall all over the place and into him, and he’ll totally love how goofy and awkward you are.

Visit A Holiday Market

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They may only sell crafts or foods, but it’s the adventure of going and seeing what products are out there. The market usually has adorable spots for photo-ops! You’re bound to have a good laugh or two at the prices (let’s be honest, some of this stuff is overpriced).

Go On A Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

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This one might be extremely pricey but it’ll be a memory you’ll never forget and super romantic. You can see your town at night underneath the snowy, star-filled sky, or see nature in a new light. The opportunities are endless, and it’ll help you feeling like you belong on your own Hallmark movie.

Take A Ride On A Toboggan

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You can buy cheap sleds or even crazy carpets from the dollar store. All you need is a hill and some good snow on the ground and you’re set! You can go at any time of day, so your not limited to a certain window of time. It’s just important to get a good spot on a hill to go really fast and enjoy each others company.

As mentioned above, not everything needs to be over the top and eccentric. Sometimes the most simple things can create the best memories and date nights. Heck, you never know, they could even turn into new holiday traditions for you to do for years to come! The only thing that matters is that you are spending time with your loved one.

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