10 Celebs That Were Transformed Into Mermaids For The Good Of The Ocean

I have a slightly odd confession to make. When I was little, I was obsessed with mermaids. My favorite princess is Ariel, I use to watch H2O on the reg, and I might have a bathroom decorated in mermaid decor to this day. Okay, but hear me out for a sec before you judge me. A lot of people really like mermaids. In fact a lot of famous people in particular really like mermaids. Either that or they like saving the ocean.

I mean, with Disney being so impactful in little girl’s lives, how could people not dream of swimming with the fishes and playing around under the sea?

Which brings us to a very unique organization. It’s called Project Mermaid. The goal behind this organization is to raise awareness of how important our oceans and beaches really are. The best part is, they are doing this in a very cool way. Celebrity fashion photographer Angelina Venturella and underwater photographer Chiara Salomoni came together to start the project in 2012 by photographing  celebrities in mermaid form.

Let me clarify: These people are getting celebrities to become mermaids for a day to save the ocean.

I mean how freaking cool are they? It’s one thing to photograph celebrities. It’s another to transform celebrities into freaking mermaids and take their picture TO SAVE THE OCEAN.

I don’t know if it’s my love (slight obsession according to some people) for mermaids, or my love for the ocean, or the fact that these people literally combined everything that is great in the world into one place but I am AMAZED.

And I think it will amaze you too. Check out some of my fave celebs that have taken part in the project over the last couple of years:

1. Victoria Justice


2. Vanessa Hudgens


3. Todrick Hall


4. Camilla Luddington


5. Jessica Szohr


6. Arielle Kebbel


7. Brandi Cyrus


8. Karina Smirnoff


9. Emmanuelle Chriqui


10. Scheana Marie


And this list is only a few of the many celebs who have joined the mission. The project has made quite a few waves (pun intended) in the last four years. The project is currently touring the world capturing celebs as mermaids in the most exotic places and basically making dreams come to life for everyone who has ever wanted the little mermaid to be true.

Featured image via Victoria Borodinova on Pexels


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