6 Instagram Health Gurus You Need To Follow

If any of you are like me, getting in shape can be hard. You feel like you want to quit and you’re not sure if it’s worth it. But sometimes all it takes is a little motivation from a little inspiration. Where do you find that inspiration, you may ask? Well look no further than Instagram. Here are some health gurus to help lead you down a path to a healthier lifestyle.

1. @Estelleallen


Estelle Allen takes you on her journey of keeping a healthy balance of mind, body, and soul. She frequently features healthy recipes and she talks about how important it is to take care of yourself. It’s refreshing to have someone promoting self-love so much.

2. @Scottjurek


Scott Jurek is an ultra-marathoner and also the author of Eat & Run. He shows us all just how inspiring running can be. From the rolling hills of Ireland, to the beautiful Himalayas, this man takes you everywhere and makes you want to get out there and explore.

3. @Muffintopless


Savannah Neveux shows what true dedication and focus can bring you. She gives tips on dieting and offers new workouts to give a try. Savannah inspires you to never give up and to not feel guilty about that cake you ate or that show you binged watch instead of being active. You just have to get up and get back on track.

4. @Bewellwitharielle


Arielle Haspel is always posting yummy, healthy foods that will leaving you drooling. Being a cooking show host, she certainly knows what she’s doing. She inspires you to want to go out right now and make those delicious meals and try new things.

5. @Kayla_itsines


Kayla Itsines created a Bikini Body Guide that has inspired so many people to get off their bums and get going. And she’s done this by inspiring you to  lead a healthy lifestyle with the right workout and the right food choices. She bands together a huge online community that supports your victories no matter how small. Did I mention you can do a 7-day trial for free?

6. @tarastiles


Yoga queen, Tara Stiles, makes anyone want to learn how to do those fantastic moves. She is a yoga instructor that will motivate you to keep going. Prepare to dive in, enjoy, get involved, be inspired, and inspire. Bring your whole self to the party because we are going deep.”

Loving yourself, eating well and exercising are important and you shouldn’t do it alone. Go and talk about self-love with Estelle, learn new yoga poses with Tara and create delicious healthy recipes with Arielle. You have a whole team behind you. What are you waiting for? Be inspired and inspire others.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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