The 7 Types Of Friends You Make In College

There have been moments this past year when I look around the room as I sit on the floor (drunk) with a slice of pizza in my hand and think to myself that “this is what university is about” – spending good times with great people (and of course the whole getting a degree and studying thing). Over my past three years of university, I have learned that it truly is the people you surround yourself with who will determine how you enjoy your years and more importantly, how you grow and change as a person.

I have been so fortunate to meet the best people at university, and I bet you have too.

1. The One Who Will Never Say No To A Party

This is the friend who will always be down for anything. It’s a Tuesday at 2 PM and you wanna get drinks? Down. It’s 1 AM and you wanna go to a bar and take some shots? Down. It’s 10 PM on a Friday during midterm season and you wanna go to a club? They are still down. This is the friend that will always be the one who supports your love of alcohol and going out, as well as not questioning the sub-par decisions that you make on those nights. They also might suffer from a slight case of FOMO, which often dictates their decision-making.

2. The One Who Is An Absolute Rockstar

This is the friend who you admire like no other. They are able to accomplish almost anything they set their mind to, and they are simply respected by so many people. This friend does everything and always seem like they have it all together. You know that you will never have your life together like they do, but that is why you love spending time with them so much!

3. The One Who Is A F*ckboi

Yes, I said it. You will have true, real, loving friends who are in fact total f*ckbois. This is the person who you are best friends with and would absolutely trust telling them anything, but when it comes to the dating world you would never even consider it. It is also a bonus when you get to flaunt how you’re BFFs with the hottie all the girls are crushing on.

4. The One Who Is Your Best Friend Via Instagram

This is the person who you get along great with, and who you have the most respect for, but you literally never hang out. So naturally, you resort to Instagram and other social media posts to maintain your friendship. It still qualifies as a friendship because you actually really do like that person a lot, but you just don’t have schedules that coordinate to hang out.

5. The One Who Will Always Be There For You

This is the one who you have the deep drunk talks with, and then don’t see in person for a month. This is the friend who you know the most secretive secrets about. You occasionally message them when you need someone to vent to, and you feel incredibly comfortable going to them in hard times, but it isn’t the relationship where you need to talk or see each other every day.  

6. The One Who Is A Sweetheart

This is the friend who you could never be mad at, simply because they are too sweet. They put a smile on every single person’s face and there isn’t one person in the world who doesn’t like them. They get along with everyone and are very rarely upset or angry. This is the person you vent to and you can trust that they will listen and give you unbiased advice back.

7. The One Who Is Your Soul Mate

This is the person you spent all of university looking for – and now you found them. This person can pretty much read your mind, the person who you don’t even have to explain the entire story to because they can complete your sentences and understand how you feel. Your pain is their pain and if you hate that boys ex-girlfriend’s sister, then so do they. This friend has your back no matter what and you know that they will be in your life forever.

Friends are the ones who will be there for you when the rain starts to pour, so take a second and thank those people for everything they’ve done for you.

Featured image via Clay Banks on Unsplash


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