6 Reasons Lush Products Are Actually Worth Your Money

I have a crush on Lush. They have become my holy grail for everything skin care related. Have a skin problem? There is definitely a Lush product that can fix it. Their products compare to no other and this is why you should start strolling past the drugstore and into the nearest Lush Cosmetics. My crush has evolved into an obsession; I try to get as many people hooked on them as possible and this is why I’m the perfect person to tell you all the reasons why you should become a Lush-ie.


I use all caps here because when Lush says FRESH and ORGANIC, they really do mean it. I love that I can look at the ingredient list on a Lush product and recognize everything. Each product is handmade with only the freshest batch of ingredients such as chamomile, cocoa butter, and tea tree (just to name a few). They use real, simple ingredients that you can actually pronounce. You guys, they even have a fresh face mask that has chocolate in it!!

2. They Are Cruelty Free

Yes, you read that right. Lush does not test any of their products on animals. So you can feel good knowing that you’re buying quality products that haven’t been tested on cute little bunny rabbits. They also only buy ingredients from companies that do not test on animals. Also, most of the products sold by Lush are vegan. Yay!


3. They Buy Ethically

Lush has a great relationship with their buyers. They want to ensure that they are having a positive impact on a small community, which is why they buy from small-scale producers. When you buy a Lush product you can rest easy knowing that your money is going towards a small community in Africa or Brazil. Buying ethically guarantees that the ingredients are of the best quality and grown and produced by people who receive fair conditions and wages.

tumblr_inline_o5p4l5WgYv1rgrqpu_5004. They Are Environmentally Friendly

When you buy your favorite Lush cleanser, not only are you buying great skin but you’re also investing in the environment. Lush uses as little packaging as possible and most of their products are available to purchase “naked”, meaning you can buy them with no packaging at all. You can even bring back your Lush containers to any Lush store to recycle! (Hint: if you bring back five clean Lush containers you get a fresh face mask for free!)


5. They Are Charitable

If you don’t know what Charity Pot is, don’t worry because I’m about to tell you about your new favorite product. Charity Pot is a body lotion that smells like sweet, floral goodness. But that’s not even the best part: 100% of the sales of this product are donated to grassroots charities. Basically, you should go buy yourself a tub of this stuff and lather up.


6. Their Products Smell Awesome And Actually Work

If I haven’t already convinced you yet, then you definitely have never smelled the relaxing aromas that cloud the store 24/7. There’s a scent for everybody at Lush, and I fan-girl hard over all the new seasonal additions to the bath bomb shelf. The store is full of color and scents that you can bring home and drop right into your bathtub. You can quite literally take a rose-filled bath (hint: the rose bombshell has real rose petals that scatter your bath when it fizzes away).


If I haven’t convinced you with all my reasons as to why Lush is amazing, then I challenge you to go to your nearest Lush store and take a quick wander. I guarantee you that by the end of this trip you’ll be leaving with your own (recyclable!!!) bag of bath bombs. Become a proud Lush-ie and toss away all your old skin care products that are filled with synthetic ingredients. You and your skin will thank me!

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  1. I love Lush. They are one of my favorite stores and I know nothing about the store other than I love the bath bombs. It’s good to know they do more than just create stuff that smells good. I love companies that promote a healthy environment and good ethics.

  2. I really love Lush,I recently bought hair treatment and i was skeptical of it working,before I used it my hair was super dry,frizzy and so unhealthy. After using one of their treatments my hair is super soft and easy to work with! I’ll most definitely buy all my hair products from Lush from now on!.

    • I’m glad you had such a good experience there 🙂 It’s always hard trying to step out of your comfort zone – especially with beauty products. But I truly believe their products are worth every single penny!!


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