5 Things That Make You Want To Completely Give Up On Adulting

Unfortunately, becoming an adult is inevitable. Every single one of us has to admit that we fantasized at least a little about what things would be like once we were “all grown up.” There are definitely perks to growing up (I can finally eat a full meal at 1am if I damn well feel like it so take that Mom!) But mostly, it just really sucks. Pretty much our only option is to suck it up and  keep on moving on.

However, with the right combination of stress, there are 5 things we all simply can’t deal with from time to time. “Adulting”…hm, that’s going to be a no for me.

  1. Paying Your Bills

Apparently, life is super expensive. Who knew? So when the first of the month comes and you’ve got to come up with enough money for rent, your car payment, and that credit card bill you’ve been avoiding; shit gets real, and quick. There’s nothing we would like more than packing our bags and running away for a good ten years until the whole thing blows over.

2. Doing Your Taxes

Seeing as how there is no, “how to not fail at life” class in high school, or an “how to be an adult for dummies” book at your local Chapters, many of us have no freaking clue what we’re doing the first time we try to do taxes. Some of us pretty much never understand how taxes work. We could obviously just go to an accountant but logically, at lot of us actually would like to get our money back, not hand it over to someone else. Tax season is stressful and 9/10 times, you will have a mini-breakdown and wish you could just not do it. And yes, you’ll probably call your parents to help you. And yes, you’ll probably still do them wrong.

3. Dealing With Your Boss

Whether we’re just calling in sick or we’re asking for a raise, it would be better if we just didn’t have to talk to our boss at all. Employers can be intimidating. They have the ability to make or break your financial situation and in some cases, even your career. Although we have no choice but to deal with the day-to-day work life, it’s often a bit of a stressful experience that makes us wish we were 13 again (and seriously, who would want that.)

4. Cleaning Your House When You’re Tired

We’ve all been there. You get home at the end of a horrific, long, tiring day and your house is still trashed from last weekend. You sort of have to clean it because things are honestly getting out of hand. But at the same time, you’re so damn tired you can barely think straight. Summoning the energy to be an adult all day, everyday and make adult decisions is just not cool. Maybe I’ll just get a housekeeper…

5. Making Dinner

It doesn’t matter how long you live on your own, you will likely occasionally have to remind yourself that yelling, “MOM, WHAT’S FOR DINNER?,” is pointless because you don’t live with her anymore. One can only eat so much Kraft Dinner and Pizza Pops before having to admit they be in a crisis.

There’s no shame in the adulthood-hating game. Growing up is hard and although no one told you, it’s an adjustment you really have to spend your entire life making. So go ahead and order take-out now and then if you don’t feel like cooking. Leave your dirty laundry all over the floor if that washer feels a million miles away. No one is perfect and life shouldn’t feel like a punishment. Even though we’re adults now, we’re still allowed to be a bit childish now and then. I’m not judging and neither should you.

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