Boxers Or Briefs: Aerie Just Launched A Body Positive Male Underwear Line

Aerie just dropped a MAJOR fashion bomb. Not only did they launch an Aerie men’s line, more importantly it’s BODY POSITIVE. Aerie just can’t stop making waves in the fashion industry and we cannot be more happy about it. Today they blew open the lid on men’s underwear fashion as they launched #AerieMen, a body positive underwear campaign for men.

The news broke just hours ago on both Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook promo video features well-known #AerieReal model, Iskra Lawrence, who helped to introduce the newly minted “aerie men”.

In the super adorable promo video, the men share what makes an aerie man, and why that’s so important to them. The common theme was sharing your honest self, being confident, and helping others.

Super touching was an Instagram post by one of the “aerie men” applauding the campaign and why it’s important to him, as seen in the caption below:

It’s no secret that men see body positive messaging in fashion at a much lower rate than woman do. While, there is still a long way to go in both male and female fashion when it comes to body positive imagery, we are so stoked that Aerie continues to make all the right moves to helping people feel more confident and happy in their skin!

You can meet the Aerie men by checking out their YouTube introductions: Matt, Doug, Kelvin, and Devon.

Featured image via americaneagle


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